WWW Wednesday (except it’s Thursday because I’m always late)

Hello! Today is Thursday. I am well aware that it’s Thursday. However I wanted to do a WWW Wednesday as a sort of catchup with you all, I haven’t been around much all month and I miss you all, so here I am. If you don’t know about WWW Wednesday, it is a weekly tag where you answer these three questions:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading?

I’m currently flying my merry way through The Picture of Dorian Gray by the absolute icon that is Oscar Wilde. Someone please explain what I was thinking when I decided to not pick this up? Because I am in love! I watched the movie first (I know I’m sorry) and immediately ordered the book. The few days until it arrived where very difficult, but alas, we are here and now I am in absolute love with this beauty.

What did you recently finish reading?

The last book I read was Girl In Pieces and oh my lord wow. That was so damn good! I recommend looking up the triggers for this book if you want to read it, but if you can, I would definitely recommend it. I’ll hopefully write a book review, but no guarantees πŸ˜‰

What do you think you’ll read next?

Um. Help. I have no idea. I really can’t think of a book anywhere near as interesting as The Picture of Dorian Gray. If anyone has any recommendations I would love to hear them because right now I truly have no clue πŸ˜… Maybe The Happy Prince and other stories also by Oscar Wilde? I don’t really know.

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what you’re currently reading and what you’re going to read next in the comments!

books i knew i would love from their first few lines

Hello! Can we all come to an agreement? The most important sentence of a book is the first one, yes? Because, like, you could say the last one is, but no one will want to reach your last sentence if the first is bad. So we agree, yes? Therefore, here are some books that I knew I would love from the very first few lines!

// We Hunt The Flame //

I believe this is my first reference to We Hunt The Flame this year, as you can see this is a phase that I have not left behind in 2021 πŸ˜… I still love this book, and actually I’m coming up to a year since reading book 1 which is great. I just have been loving this book from the moment I touched it, and the first line of this book is a wonderful one:

People lived because she killed.

// The Secret History //

Damn it, I have so many opinions on this book, no other book makes me feel this way. I loved it so much and yet it’s still problematic but I also don’t quite understand why I’m the only person who seems to talk about it, and I am just confused 😭 Undeniable though, this book has one of the best and most gripping first lines, and I applaud that:

The snow in the mountains was melting and Bunny had been dead for several weeks before we came to understand the gravity of our situation.

// Lolita //

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this book before on here, mainly because I haven’t finished it yet but also because it’s a very interesting book that I don’t think should be flung around and kind of tossed about just because, if that makes sense. I might end up writing a discussion post if I finish it (damn it’s a heavy read) but I doubt it. Anyhow, I gasped when I read that first line, because until you read the actual book it is such a raw line that made me so shocked. It’s the kind of line that reminds you that words are so incredible and powerful in sometimes the most disgusting, gut-wrenching way:

Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta.

// The Book Thief //

My shock at how much I loved this book was very large, and I ended up actually buying it and annotating my favourite lines because it is wonderful. The first passage of this book is just so amazing, and I highly recommend you read it:

First the colours. Then the humans. That’s usually how I see things. Or at least, how I try.

Here is a small fact: You are going to die.

// The Fault In Our Stars //

Another very iconic, very well-known book, and if you haven’t read it, what are you doing? I used to absolutely be obsessed with this book, and even though I don’t like it as much now I still appreciate it as the book that got me into reading to begin with:

Late in the winter of my seventeenth year, my mother decided I was depressed, presumably because I rarely left the house, spent quite a lot of time in bed, read the same book over and over, ate infrequently, and devoted quite a bit of my abundant free time to thinking about death.

// Six of Crows //

This. Book. This book is everything. At this point you’re only doing yourself a disfavour if you don’t read this, this is now a you problem. I can admit that it has a pretty slow start, but once you get into it you’re going to absolutely love it.

Joost had two problems: the moon and his moustache.

Kaz Brekker didn’t need a reason.

// If We Were Villains //

The best way to describe this book would be a love letter to writing. If you love words, read this book, you won’t regret it, I promise you. It is so so beautifully written and the references to Shakespeare are brilliant. Also the plays killed me a little, particularly the last one. I have to say, this book took my heart, threw it on the ground, spat on it and ran it over with a truck. And still, I thank the author:

I sit with my wrists cuffed to the table and think, But that I am forbid / To tell the secrets of my prison-house, / I could a tale unfold whose lightest word / Would harrow up thy soul.

That is a wrap on that it seems. I’m sorry for not having posted earlier but I’ve been busy, as per usual smh. Thank you all for reading and have a wonderful day!

joining storygraph, your goodreads alternative

Hello! As we are all aware, I hope, it is now 2022, and that means setting a Goodreads challenge that you will scramble to finish by December. I am not one of these unfortunate people, however, because I rarely track what I read besides wrap ups on this blog. Which isn’t that nice. So, I was thinking maybe 2022 is the year for me to actually keep up with Goodreads. But then, as though my phone reads my mind (fairly probable) I got a video on my YouTube recommended to me from one of my favourite booktubers, where they switched over to Storygraph.

The reasoning behind this switch is that Goodreads was bought by Amazon, and I am not particularly fond of the idea of giving Amazon yet more money. So the alternative was to join Storygraph. And what a wonderful choice. Allow me to show you.

So the first thing you need to do is sign up (obviously) and enter your email and create a password. Naturally I have left that bit out. Also I already have an account so I just created a temporary one for the sake of this post.

Now, the very next thing you will be asked is whether or or not you want to import your Goodreads data. This I think is an incredible feature considering that most people would be hesitant after a long time on Goodreads to just start over completely. I however am not so fond of the haphazard mess that is my Goodreads, with its two read books and no updates or reviews. For this reason, I’m just going to move right along. If you do want to import your data however, it is fairly straight-forward I think. I hope.

You can also do this later on if you want to.

This is something I really love about Storygraph. It gives you recommendations based on quite specific things. Like you can really see that someone who loves to read made this and I am in love.

Let’s take the survey shall we? The very first thing we are asked is favourite genres. There are quite a lot of options that I would never have thought to put but I actually really appreciate. So, I put fantasy, literary, YA, poetry and historical fiction

This one I found a little difficult to pin point, because not only can you pick up to 3, there’s a lot of options πŸ˜… I really don’t know how to say exactly what it is that I like in books, because I like contrary things sometimes. I like loveable characters but I also like unreliable narrators, or I like a good plot but I also like character-driven books. Suffice to say I overthought this whole thing, and eventually just settled with high-quality writing, loveable characters and unreliable/morally ambiguous characters.

What I am very specific about though is what I do not like in books πŸ˜‚ I added a fair few genres to the question, and it would take too long for me to list all of them. I tried not to rule out genres that I haven’t read much of or ones that I liked a few books of but I wasn’t particularly interested, just because I didn’t want to not get a recommendation that I might actually love jus because I said I didn’t like the genre. Same with the question after that, I just left that one out I believe.

Is it bad that I put hopeful and light-hearted for the last question? πŸ˜‚

We are getting very specific right about now. This next question you can choose to do now or later, I personally knew I would forget about it later so I just did it when I was setting up.

Here you can put specifics. Tropes you love? Pacing? Specific authors? Anything you want, add it. It will help get better recommendations, and we all love some good recommendations. You can be certain that I put enemies to lovers because that is my absolute favourite trope of all time literally ever.

Ok so I tried to take a screenshot of my home page but for some reason there were no recommendations generated, which, you now, is very convenient, so I just scrolled down to show you my To-Read pile and my favourite feature for finding books, the Popular This Week column. On your home page hopefully you will have some recommendations, and my not having any at the moment is very anticlimactic considering we did just spend a while doing the surveys. But it’s okay.

This is my reading challenge for this year. I decided on 75 books because I thought 100 would be too many, and 75 is quite achievable I hope. Also if I go over, which I hope I do, I can feel that much prouder of myself, so that’ll be nice!

Storygraph also has this really cool thing that they do, which is reading challenges! I actually have no idea if Goodreads did too, since I never actually spent much time on it at all, but I just think this is so cool. I attempted the January Pages challenge, but naturally I failed about halfway through. It was really quite fun though, and it sort of helped me get a little more used to Storygraph which was really good.

That, I think, is all. There’s obviously so much more on the app, and I highly recommend that you try it and maybe look around, see if you want to join. I know most people are very hesitant about swapping over from Goodreads, but I personally think it’s a really fun platform and I would totally recommend it. Have a nice day everyone, stay in touch, and I’ll see you all soon!

reading the inheritance games because i trusted booktok one too many times

Hello hello! Isn’t today an interesting day? Today I’ve decided to subject myself to read The Inheritance Games. I have seen a number of tiktoks and videos on pinterest about this book and I will now be making myself read it. Fun? Maybe. Hopefully. Just for the record, I’ve spent the last 4 days reading The Cruel Prince series and I am now fully unhinged and going insane. I think you can see that in this post.

As a word of warning, there will be some minor spoilers. You have been warned! I will try to not include any major spoilers, but I will be reacting to things as they happen so there’s no guarantee!

Chapter 17

Ok I already hate this. All my least favourite tropes are coming to haunt me. From a mile away, I already see a love triangle, the whole “I’m not pretty” trope, and obviously the ever-famous “some random person left me billions” trope. I did know that this would happen (I did read the synopsis) but I thought it wouldn’t be that bad and I might like some of the characters. So far my feelings towards the brothers is as follows: deep hatred for Gray, scowling annoyance at Jameson, frowning at Nash and raised eyebrow at Xander. What is the issue with this? I am fairly certain the love triangle is Gray, Jameson and Avery, none of whom I like. I will admit, there is the occasional funny one-liner, but not enough to make me like this.

Can we just talk about Gray for a second? I can understand that he’s mad about all this, like who wouldn’t be? He just got cheated off of billions of dollars, like I would be pissed off too! And to a complete stranger? Thats just too much. But come on? He is so extra and for what? Like this man really said “I’m gonna figure this out and when I do “God help you””. Literally just calm down! To Xander’s credit, he’s being nice about it. He gets that its not Avery’s fault and she didn’t do anything.  And besides, even if we were to say that it’s understandable that he’s mad, because it kind of is, I still can’t get over his arrogance. This guy really said “let’s assume I know everything”. I can’t lie it was so funny when the will was read out, because screw him that’s why! He really thought he knew everything and then got played like that πŸ’€πŸ˜‚ I will never not enjoy these handsome arrogant fictional men getting their arrogance thrown back at them!

Overall? Not looking too good for this book. I really hope it starts getting a little better, but as of know I don’t like Avery (she did the classic “there’s nothing special about how I look” to a boy who she admits she is attracted to, and will have 2 boys staring after her soon) and I dont think that’s going to change. The only thing I am sort of happy about is this may be slightly enemies to lovers (?). Sucks that I hate everyone. Then again, I also hated Cardan. We’ll see. If this doesn’t improve, I have a lot to say about booktok, although I already did (yes this is a direct attack on We Were Liars).

Chapter 19

I’m begging, someone remove these Hawthorne boys from this house immediately. What the hell? For context, Jameson just told her to pull the candle down and he just walked in? And then they talked about whether they’re related? Genuinely I’ve never been so uncomfortable with a book dynamic in my life. All of a sudden Gray is seeming less of a bad choice. Nah, scratch that. All the Hawthorne boys are bad choices. I really don’t like Jameson. And by really I mean the ax-murder she was talking about is seeming more and more tempting. I truly don’t believe I’ve ever seen a group of boys so privileged and who think so much of themselves? I’m convinced Jameson thinks he’s so smooth and I might start crying or puking soon. Kill me i beg. Still I refuse to dnf.

Chapter 19 part 2

KILL ME. Where is that axe murderer? What the living hell? More context, this is the “everything’s a game” bit where he touches her hair and face. I actually cannot. Remember how I said I was uncomfortable? We’ve reached new heights. Please someone execute Jameson. I’ll take Gray gladly, I just want to be rid of Jameson. I can’t quite believe I’m reading the same book as everyone else because everyone seems to love it? I’m so confused.

Chapter 24

Let’s also talk about my dislike for Avery shall we? Jameson just said “and what do we make of that” and Avery thinks “we. How has a Hawthorne and I become a we” and I’m like 😐 Seriously? He doesn’t mean anything deep and mysterious (speaking of which, lose the nickname), he is speaking English. That is the way you speak. This girl is so determined that she’s “not special” and then acts like she’s so special. And seriously, pick a man.

Remember when I said I might puke from all this? I am very close. Now may be the time to put the book down and save myself the effort. So currently Avery is on to phone to Max, who seems unable to speak normally, like ever. She just said, and I quote “I’m looking at pictures of all of them now (as in the Hawthorne boys). Come to mama, you delicious mustards”. I can’t. I just can’t. I have literally no words. What can I say to express my disappointment and anguish at reading this book?

I can see what the author is trying to do with writing the Hawthorne boys. They’re supposed to come off as these mysterious (still hate the nickname) and magical sorts of boys, everyone wants to be like them and everyone wants to date them. That I don’t hate that much. Bit cliche but if its done well then it has that effect on the reader as well. If its done well it can be actually magical. The problem? It’s not done well. None of these boys are likeable, and as of yet I highly doubt anyone wants to be like them (I’ll take the money but that’s about it). I just really don’t like any of this.

Chapter 24 part 2

Hold it! Excuse me? The last girl who stayed with the Hawthornes died? I am now even more confused? How am I supposed to like these people? The author really just said, here have all these bad trait and like them!

Chapter 27

I would steal Avery’s money and give it all to Jameson just so he would stop making these dumb names for her. She didn’t like Mystery Girl or M.G or Heiress, and she’s told him to stop so many times. I get that its not a big deal if someone calls you a nickname, but for heaven’s sake I’m begging please make them good 😫 At this point here is my idea of the Hawthorne brothers: Gray: still deep hatred, but less deep than before. He hasn’t been in the book for a while and that’s where my praise finishes for him. Jameson: Please someone axe murder this man or I’ll do it myself I’ve had enough of him. Nash: he was fine until he started talking to Libby. Oh and he managed to ruin the “who did this to you” trope, which is fantastic. I mean how do you ruin a trope meant to be exciting and make it just cringey? Xander: I appreciate the cookies and scones but I’m still a little sus of him.

Predictions? I think the only character who hasn’t been accounted for is Harry. Like he was mentioned at the beginning and in one line after that, so I think he has something to do with it, otherwise he wouldn’t have been mentioned. Right? I think. At first I thought he was going to be Tobias but like Tobias is dead, so what if he’s related to him?

Chapter 27 part 2

I would kindly like to shoot Jameson in the foot. With respect. Get πŸ‘ your πŸ‘ self πŸ‘ away πŸ‘ from πŸ‘ Avery! Damn it just move awayyy! For context, they’re searching the library (by the wayyy can we just talk about the stupidity of this whole “dont judge a book by its cover” okay let’s find books with covers that don’t match? Thing) and Jameson at the very end of the chapter (couldn’t let me have a good chapter huh?) just leans in and whispers “this isn’t the only library in Hawthorne House”. Who does he think he is and why does he think so much of himself? Remember how I hate arrogant fictional men?

You know whats worse? I want Gray to turn up and save me from this crap. And that’s saying a lot.

Chapter 28

You know what? Now I regret saying that. Gray turned up. Please please someone axe murder these people! Avery really just said “do you think this is easy for me? Do you think I want to be stalked by the paparazzi?” And I’m just like? You’ve had this money for like a week and already you are acting spoiled and stuck up? Seriously? Getting billions of dollars is hard for you? Many people would dance in front of the paparazzi to get a tenth of what she has. Stuck up prick. Ughhh. *relax cherry its just a book*

Chapter 28 part two

Did Gray or did Gray not just say “my access to funds might be somewhat limited currently”. Because does he or does he not have hundreds of thousands of dollars? I can’t deal with these people I swear.

Chapter 31

Guyssss. Someone tell me why I’m lowkey invested? I think I’m not used to Jameson acting like a normal person, but like πŸ‘€ Why do I hate him less? Although I am preparing myself because the beginning of Chapter 32 has both Jameson and Gray and I don’t think I can deal with that much stupidity in one go. Because someone explain why both Gray and Jameson have both just had a personality transplant? I’m not saying they didn’t need it, because they really did, but I’m surprised.

Chapter 32

Never mind what I said. Jameson still thinks he’s something and Gray is still petty. Sigh. I’m not happy about this. I just want one single character I can like in this book. One. What is honestly wrong with these people?

Chapter 33

More and more, puking is looking very probable. For some context, Jameson just said this “Avery doesn’t bite. Frankly, now that the issue of relatedness has been settles in the negative, I’d be game if she did.” 0.0 This man has no boundaries and I might just die from it. This man lacks many qualities but audacity is not one of them.  Okay you know what? I actually do like Xander. He’s harmless and actually quite nice to Avery. Also he eats scones like there’s no tomorrow and it’s a mood. Also he’s actually mildly funny. He doesn’t give her blueberry scones, he only gives her lemon. I like that.

Okay let’s review my opinions on the Hawthorne brothers: Gray: leave. move. get out. also you’re 19, act like it. Jameson: shut up. axe murder is preferable to anything that could happen to him. Nash: not been here for a while, the last time was annoying. Xander: the only good Hawthorne. Mood. I like him.

Chapter 42

I didn’t think it possible that I would hate Avery more, but as per usual with this book, we have reached new lows. She has just said “You’re talking to a future actuarial science major, Hawthorne.” and frankly, I want to throw my laptop out of the window (I’m reading an eBook, I’m so relieved that I didn’t buy a physical copy). It giving me that kid who said “you’re disrespecting a future US army soldier” lmao πŸ’€ ughh I am very close to dnfing, but like I said, I’m not going to. I hate myself for this.

Chapter 43

Idiot. Big idiot. Avery is an idiot. What the hell Avery? Seriously? This girl seriously just told the press (this being the first time she ever talked to them) that she has answers? I get why, but still. Ugh.

Chapter 47

Okay this may be a little mean, but I really don’t like Emily. If, like Jameson said, she’s like him, then I really don’t like her. Yes I am well aware that she is dead, but I just can’t seem to like her.

Also I didn’t like Thea much but I now have a newfound respect for her. They’re all at this little (not really they’re in a massive banquet hall) dinner and Thea was talking about sport and how its mandatory. Xander called her “delightfully vindictive” and Thea replied “If I were a boy, people would just call me driven” and I agree with Avery when she thinks “point, Thea”. Thea is our feminist icon and I love it a lot.

Chapter 52

Two things. My heart is melting towards Jameson, and even if I don’t like him that much I feel really bad for him. Maybe I’m starting to like him. Ugh weird thought. And number two, what the fresh hell Xander? See I was beginning to like him, and now I find out he dated someone who is basically his cousin? I know they’re not actually related, but of all the people in the world, he chose to date someone who is very close to being his cousin? Why? I’m beginning to think its a Hawthorne family trait not to think at all.

Chapter 56

Woah. So a lot has happened. None of which I’m happy about. So bestie almost got shot (can I mention how funny it was when she thought she was shot and it was actually just tree bark πŸ’€) and Jameson kissed her. And bestie here got mad and then Rebecca turned up. 0.0 Now we don’t have time to unpack all of that.

Chapter 73

Remember what I said about Thea? I take it back. I really don’t like her. She really did that. Damn. Context: They’re at this ball type thing and Avery got dressed up and had her hair done and all, and then she turned up and Grayson dropped a cup. It may seem like he just thinks she looks good and he’s shocked, but no. Her stylists had a photo to go off of, and that photo was a photo of Emily. Shock horror. And now she is dressed up to look like a girl who the Hawthornes apparently killed.

Someone I beg explain why this is exactly like Rebecca (the book not the character in this book)? This exact same thing happened. Someone tricked the mc and everyone is flustered. Sigh

Chapter 77

Oh my. This is big. Oh my. Um wow. The hell Jameson? Um. Huh. Okay.

Chapter 80

WOW. HUH. UM. OH. OKAY. DAMN. *cherry get a grip*

The End

I’m fuming. I am furious. I have no words. First of all, what the hell? Second of all, did I not say? I literally called it. I knew this was going to be the big reveal. I am not happy about this. Lmao I literally said oml. I’m so mad because I thought I would be done with this, but no. This lot haven’t even figure anything out and I spent my time on this. And now I’m too invested to not read the second book. Darn it. Be sure I will be blogging it because this is turning into a coping mechanism for me to hide from back books lmao.

Okay shall we conclude? For the last time, my opinion on the Hawthorne brothers: Jameson: needs to keep his mouth shut or learn how to speak to people. Surprisingly I didn’t hate him as much towards the end but I also read the first page of The Hawthorne Legacy and he won’t stop calling her Heiress. Needs to think of better nicknames. Needs to find a shirt. My least favourite brother, and if what I think is true, I don’t want Avery to end up with him at the end. Gray: again, not as much hate towards the end, but still don’t like him. In fact quite strongly dislike, but at least not ax-murder level. Also needs to learn to speak normally. Is 19 and should act like it. Still don’t like him but if there is a love triangle Avery should end up with him. He at least has some respect. I hate arrogant men. Nash: not too bad. Should leave Libby alone, but otherwise not a bad character. He can speak how he wants. Also for someone who got angry so many times, he still talked really calm, and I respect that. Xander: I didn’t like him much. Appreciate the friendship with Avery, but he just acts like a child. He’s 17. (Omg can we talk about how Gray is 19 and Jamie is 18 and Avery is 16? Is that normal? Its YA, of course its normal. Wouldn’t be the biggest age gap I’ve ever seen *bella*) I appreciate the scones but not the personality.

My opinion on Avery? Stop thinking highly of yourself. Stop exaggerating everything. Just stop it. All of it. Act like you deserve the money. She complains so much for someone who literally just got billions for no reason. She spent so long having a problem with the stylists and the conferences. Like if that were actual people we would be glad to have a stylist and we would ball room dance our way to the conference. For someone so not used to money I’ve never seen someone so spoiled and privileged. Also someone please call the Hawthornes out on their privilege please and thank you.

Will I be reading the next book? Unfortunately yes. I am too invested in this story not to, and will now be resigning myself to reading The Hawthorne Legacy. *send help* Thank you all so much for reading, this was certainly an experience. Have an amazing day or night!

year’s over, let’s talk

Hey! At the time of writing this specific paragraph, it’s still 2021, but I know myself well enough to be well aware that this post isn’t coming out until 2022. So for the sake of this post, it’s 2022! Isn’t it insane? A whole other year gone past (and i have little to show for it lol). I can’t quite get over it. Naturally we need to take some time to reflect on this year in books and blogs. So, let’s talk shall we?

I was just looking through some of my posts from earlier this year, and I genuinely cannot comprehend the difference between then and now. You can see the difference so obviously. For starters, my posts at the beginning of the year where so short! I had been wondering recently why it is that I write less posts in the same amount of time as before, and now I see why. I honestly don’t understand what was going on πŸ˜‚ Like I saw one where I was sharing book quotes, and after three quotes I genuinely said “That’s enough Shadowhunters ones” πŸ’€ I have one question: what the hell bestie? In all fairness to past me, at that time my stats where sky high, so I must have been doing something right. In some way I sometimes feel like I have the hang of blogging now and I know what I’m doing, and then sometimes I feel like I’m fumbling and have no idea what it is I am doing or am going to keep doing on here. Ah, blogging. So, it’s 2022 now and we should recap right?

The best book I read this year, and one that means rather a lot to me. This book is just the definition of bookish perfection, and I am (clearly) obsessed. In the span of this year, I’ve read book 1 17 times and book 2 about 21 ones, and I have no regrets what so ever. I just appreciate Hafsah Faizal so much for writing this book, and I see many more rereads on the horizon. Also let’s just take a second to talk about some of my favourite scenes:

  • The “I can be lots of fun” scene in We Free The Stars. I am still recovering and I don’t think I will any time soon. Heaven help me that killed me.
  • The ending. That’s it. The end of We Free The Stars is death to me.
  • The bit where Zafira, Altair and Kifah talk about garlic. It was hilarious and I still go back and look at it every now and then because it is literary genius.
  • The scene at the little inn place in We Free The Stars.
  • The knife bit in We Hunt The Flame. I am deceased, someone bury my body.

I am yet again rereading this book, and it is the last book of the year I am reading. I absolutely love Jude and I have laughed and yelled at this book so many times. Also someone explain how Holly Black managed to write a book where even I hated Cardan at the beginning and now will do anything for this man? Like him and Jude could kill me and I probably wouldn’t even mind.

I just quickly wanted to mention Cardan’s tail?!! Lmfao what the hell is this? Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk. This book is making me really upset over the rest of my life, not least because I want to be part of this book. (As long as I’m not Valerian because, you know, he didn’t have the best ending). Anyway, y’all need to understand the depth of my love for this book.

You must not know me if you didn’t think I would mention this duology. I mean it wholeheartedly when I say I will read every single thing Leigh Bardugo writes from now on. She could publish her grocery list and I would buy it. I love this group so so much and I cannot believe I didn’t buy into the hype earlier because it is so worth it.

I read this towards the beginning of the year and reread it a few months ago, and I don’t think I imagined that I would like it this much. But genuinely, the narrator was such a wholesome person and I loved it so much! Oliver just deserved better and I will campaign for that for the rest of my life. Also the Shakespeare mentions? I never knew I needed a book about Shakespeare but now I want nothing else.

  • The Invisible Life of Addie Larue
  • The Poppy War (Cherelle I’m sorry, I swear I’ll get to it)
  • My Year Of Rest and Relaxation
  • The Maidens
  • Sally Rooney’s books (particularly Beautiful World Where Are You, that title is amazing)
  • Tempest Of Tea
  • The Book Of Night

This year has been a wonder on here, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I can’t help but look back and smile at the amazing time I’ve had blogging. I shall only take up a second of your time to mention some stats and then I shall be on my way to talk about the more interesting bit, which is the actual posts.

I remain shocked at the insane number of you that have visited my blog and liked and commented and just looked at my posts. And yet more shocking is the number of countries that you all have viewed my blog from:


Wow. Genuinely, thank you so much. Let’s talk about posts shall we?

Tags/ Awards: I didn’t actually do as many tags and awards as I would have liked to, and the ones I did were definitely more at the beginning of the year. It’s not that I don’t enjoy making the, it just seems to take up a lot of time to write, and definitely more towards the end of the year, I did start getting busy. However, I am very grateful to all of you who tagged me and I will definitely (I hope) be doing more tags and awards soon πŸ™‚

Discussion posts: I started doing discussion posts which was incredibly fun and I have now developed a very great liking for them. I think I’m quite opinionated (I still don’t know if that’s a good thing, but moving on) and discussion posts let me really talk about some of my favourite topics when it comes to books.

Book reviews: Everyone clap, I learnt how to write book reviews! I had such a hard time writing book reviews last year, and I am very happy to say I am so much more comfortable with them this year. I do think I’m going to write some this year, however they still aren’t a big favourite of mine to write. I definitely think I enjoy talking about books I read in a more discussion-y way than structured reviews. For example I did a post this year when I read the Grishaverse books, and I had a lot of fun writing it!

I will not make you read for much longer, but as a final thing to say, here are some of my goals when it comes to books and this blog:

  • Read 75 books (a tall order I know, but I went insane these last 3 days and have already read 4 so maybe doable?)
  • Make my own book tag (perchance?)
  • Work on my graphics a little more

I hope you all have a wonderful day and an even better year! Thank you very much for reading πŸ’™

books i read this year that i don’t talk about enough

Hello! It’s almost the end of the year, and knowing just how long it takes me to write posts, this will most likely be my last post this year. So I wanted to share with you all a little more bookish love and tell you some books that I read this year that I just don’t mention that much. There’s some books that I talk about endlessly, but there’s some that I read, loved, and then just never mentioned again. So this is that – an appreciation post for some books I really liked this year and that deserve some love!

// Ayesha At Last //

I very recently reread this book, and I have now developed a lasting love for Khalid. I would like an apology from the author for stealing my heart, as well as it back. No, actually, she can have it. Khalid is such an innocent adorable cinnamon roll, and my love for him is immeasurable. For the record, when I first read it I gave it a 3 stars, which I will now be changing to a 4.5 and you can now find me for the next few days wondering what the hell I was thinking. But anyhow, if you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend that you do, and come back and tell me I was right about Khalid.

Can I also mention how much I love Ayesha’s grandfather? That is the kind of person I want to be when I am old, because he is bloody brilliant.

The only character I didn’t like is Hafsa. And obviously Khalid’s mother and Tarek, but they’re a no go. If you didn’t know, allow me to inform you that this book is essentially a Muslim retelling of Pride and Prejudice, which I love. Also, if you ever feel stupid, just know that I hadn’t read the blurb before reading the book, and wondered throughout why there were so many parallels between it and P&P. Anyhow, I think that the equivalent of Hafsa would be Lydia, and since I hated Lydia in Pride and Prejudice, I also hate Hafsa. She was just ridiculous and childish and also 20 years old, none of which amounts to a good combination.

// The Radleys //

I think I read this in January, I just know it was during lockdown, which now seems like a blur to me. I can’t quite remember how many stars I gave this, but I hope it was quite high, because this book was so much fun! I don’t usually pick out books like this, but this one was so good! I’ve tried like a dozen times to read The Midnight Library, but I’ve never been able to get into it, but this book was wonderful. I didn’t really like the boy (heaven help me I don’t remember his name) but Will was actually so funny.

// Martyr //

This and The Radleys I read both quite quickly, and both I finished at like 1 in the morning. I think proceeded to shoot messages to everyone I knew about this book, and then subject you all to this too, because I loved this book so much!

John Shakespeare (yes I know) is just such a charming character, and I loved the transparency of this book considering that is a historical fiction. I don’t know, I just really enjoyed it. I’m fairly sure I talked about it a lot when I first read it, and then just sort of faded out, so I thought it was time I brought it back. Now that I have been reminded of it, you all shall be subject to this book and my forceful recommendations to you until you read it. You’re welcome. I may reread it soon just because I genuinely really love John and Catherin, I think that was her name. I can’t remember, but I do remember that she was our feminist icon.

// You Must Be Layla //

I personally have not read many good fictional Muslim rep books (ones with white boys don’t count) but this one is a damn gem. I would gladly die for Layla a dozen times over, because this queen deserves it. It’s about this girl called Layla who is joining a new school, where she is the only hijabi. And she is honestly so freaking adorable and positive and funny. I love her, I love her attitude and she has stunningly good humour.

I also really like the author herself, I’ve read some of the essays she’s written as well as the Ted talk she did, and I think she’s wonderful. She wrote an essay for the book It’s Not About The Burqa, which I’m going to talk about later in this post, but I just really like her outlook and the way she writes is so engaging and fun.

// Season Of Migration To The North //

I’m going to be honest, the reason I picked this book up was because it was originally written in Arabic. I don’t really know why that was important since I was going to read it in English anyway, but I really like Arabic literature and poetry, so I decided to read this. And despite a lot of the meaning obviously having been lost in translation, it has some of the most beautiful writing I think I have ever read. I kept putting the book down and breathing for a second because that was absolutely amazing. This is another book I want to reread because it was so darn good.

// Once Upon An Eid //

My heart! 😭 This was so cute! I’ve never really had much cause to mention this book, but it was one of the sweetest, most adorable books I’ve read all year. It was a collection of stories about some children who were celebrating Eid and preparing for it, and it was so adorable my lord.

// A Woman Is No Man //

I know I’ve mentioned this book a fair few times, but I haven’t talked about it for the longest time, and I wanted to put it in this post. It’s written from the perspective of two Palestinian women who live in America, and it’s about Arab culture, misogyny, and the lives of these two women.

I gave this book 5 stars when I first read it, and I reread it a while ago again and it is still 5 stars from me. It’s just such a wonderful book and I love the Arab representation in it. I think it’s a breath-taking outlook on heritage and culture and I just love Isra and Deya so much. I also just really love reading books with Palestinian characters, and this one is a gem.

// The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo //

I can’t actually remember whether or not I’ve written a review on this book, or if I just meant to. Either way, reading this was so much fun. I read it in the last week of the summer holidays alongside How It All Blew Up and One Of Us Is Lying and it was such a good time. The character Evelyn became and still is one of my favourite female characters who isn’t fantasy, and for good reason too, she’s an absolute queen. This woman is brilliant and I would take a bullet for her.

I’ve said it before, but this is the sort of book that can change your whole perspective on life and your whole mannerism. I couldn’t stop thinking about Evelyn Hugo after I’d read it, and that should tell you something.

// Hamnet //

Another more recent read, which if you haven’t read you actually have to. This is not a recommendation, it is a demand. First of all, look at that cover and tell me that’s not beautiful. I dare you. You can’t. Second, and more important, I fully agree with Jack Edwards (go check out his YouTube channel he is brilliant and so funny) when he said that this book is going to become a classic. The writing. Is. Phenomenal. I actually cannot comprehend how Maggie O’Farrell wrote this book and how it is so good, but this book was addictive. Another one I stayed up until 1am reading, and it was worth the sleep loss.

I love Shakespeare regardless, but even if you don’t you’re still going to love this book. It is so beautifully written, and I love that it focuses more on Shakespeare’s family and relatives as opposed to him, since, you know, he’s been mentioned a few times in the past centuries. This book doesn’t even name him. He is always The Latin Tutor or the father or the husband, and I think it’s really wonderful how the focus turns towards everyone around him, and now he is referred to in relation to them, rather than the other way around. Because usually when Agnes or Hamnet or Judith or anyone else is talked about, they are always talked about in relation to Shakespeare, so they’re always Shakespeare’s wife or Shakespeare’s son or daughter etc. Now they are being named and their story is being told instead of his. I think it’s just really humane and it makes everyone around Shakespeare more real, and it also validates them as their own singular people.

There you have it! I absolutely recommend all of these books if you’re looking for something new to read. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the year if I don’t post again this year, and I’ll see you all next year! (Bad joke I know)

hey, let’s talk book tropes

Hello everyone! How are you all doing today? I have recently been watching many videos where people recommend books based on oddly specific tropes in books. So today I sat and thought a little, which is never a good idea for me, and this post is the result of that. I am going to be writing up a very long list of every trope I can think of (or find on google ;)) and telling you my opinion. To have some coherence I’m going to split them into categories.

// Enemies To Lovers //

Ok, starting off with the very best romance trope. Ok no I’m just joking… Unless? But I think we all know my opinion on enemies to lovers. I freaking love it. I think it’s gripping and enticing and I could read it all day for the rest of my life. I do read a lot of YA fantasy so I have read quite a few books with this trope, and if done well, it is absolutely wonderful. I would completely stick with any book just to see the enemies become lovers even if I hate the plot. That is the immense power this trope has. Also lest we forget, my favourite bookish couple from my favourite book ever were enemies to begin with, so you know, I may like this trope a little.

// Friends To Lovers //

I know a lot of you love friends to lovers, and I hate to disappoint you, but this trope is absolutely not my thing. I know, I am sorry. I just don’t really like it, and the first thing I thought of to say when I wanted to explain why was “too much positivity” (credit for the quote : my brain). I guess I am just a hater.

// Betrayal To Lovers //

I need more recs with this trope, because it is stunning. If you know any books with this trope, I would be much obliged if you would drop them in the comments! But anyhow, I live for this πŸ™Œ The angst, the slow burn, there may even be some murder attempts. I am just in love.

// One Bed //

See, I used to not like this trope, and I still sometimes don’t. I think the only times I like it is with a slow burn romance or enemies to lovers, because otherwise it’s too predictable. However, I will never as long as I live, blaspheme Hafsah Faizal and her work, and she had the one bed trope. I feel like that might be a spoiler but she says it a lot too on tiktok so yk, its okay. Anyways, that was one of the most memorable bits of their slow burn (besides the I can be fun bit, what the hell where did that come from) so I can’t hate it. However in Everything Everything I did hate it, so I guess I’m split. I think I like it when there’s angst, not when the characters are already in love because then its just predictable.

// Love Triangles //

Let’s settle this once and for all shall we? I, in all the time I’ve had reading as my personality (jk lmaoo) I have read a total of 1 singular good love triangle, and that was in The Infernal Devices. Just that one. Which leaves me to conclude that Cassandra Clare is just damned amazing and love triangles are the problem. They are just so annoying sometimes, and for some reason every single one I’ve read and that is popular is two boys who like a girl. A girl with very little personality might I add. I want something different, I want something actually interesting and that makes me wonder who she’s going to fall for, just like in The Infernal Devices. And Tessa actually has a good personality 😭

// Forced Proximity //

I mean honestly I think this trope is only good if the characters are enemies. If they’re already in love its just them doing loving things. However with enemies there is angst, there’s rivalry, there’s drama. And I live for the drama.

// Fake Dating //

No. No thank you. I really hate this trope I can’t lie. It’s just so predictable, even if they’re enemies. We all know they’re going to fall in love and no amount of hatred and angst and tension is going to make up for my disappointment at the predictability of them becoming lovers.

// I hate everyone but her //

I can’t be mad at this trope because sometimes it’s pretty good, but it isn’t my favourite. I have never gone out of my way to read books because they have this trope and I don’t think I will be anytime soon. I’ve seen many people recommend this trope, it just comes off a little odd to me sometimes I guess.

// The Chosen One //

Hehe no. After Harry Potter and him being The Chosen One, I have had enough of that trope. I’m not too mad about Harry Potter because I guess he was a little self-aware, but I just can’t deal with this trope anymore. I know that it’s fantasy and it’s not meant to be realistic, but it’s just ridiculously unrealistic if that makes sense? Like odd stuff happens in fantasy, but within the rules and confines of that specific world, and nowhere did it say in any fantasy world that some random kid with circle glasses and eyes like his mother’s has to be the chosen one.

// The Secret Heir //

I guess this one is a lot like the chosen one trope, but I prefer this one a lot more. I still don’t like it, but I don’t hate it as much as the previous one. Because it is at least somewhat realistic, just very unlikely and quite cliche. The orphan from a little town could well be a secret princess of an unknown land. It could be true. I still don’t enjoy it because I’ve heard it so many times but I hate it less than the chosen one.

// Quests //

Again, I think that my having liked books with this trope is an author thing, because I don’t actually like this trope that much. There’s a couple books that I really liked but that also have this trope, but I don’t think I liked the book because of the trope. For example, my favourite book has a quest, and I didn’t pick up the book originally because it had this trope. So I think we are left to conclude that I actually have no overriding opinion on this trope – I don’t hate it but I also have no particular love for it.

// Damsels In Distress //

I think most of you have been around long enough to know that I absolutely despise this trope. I don’t think there is much else to say. If you like this trope you better have a proper good explanation.

// Powerful Artefacts //

Again, I think this is a book by book basis, because I love things like the Jawarat, and I want one very much, but I also don’t particularly like stuff like the Deathly Hallows (do those count as powerful artefacts? You know what? They do. I make the rules here). Or maybe I just don’t like Harry Potter in general. Anyhow, before I get blasted for my HP hatred, let’s move on.

// Magic Schools //

I think the problem we are facing here is that I keep thinking of books like Harry Potter and therefore deciding that I actually don’t like the trope, which is not true. I actually really like magic schools, they are so much fun to read about and they’re usually really well written. So, I conclude this is a good trope, Harry Potter or otherwise.

// Not Like Other Girls //

Please, no. No more. I’ve had it with this trope. Genuinely I will never stop hating this trope. I just hate these sorts of characters. I have absolutely nothing against characters who are considered “outsiders” or whatever but this trope is just horrific. The characters are determined that being an “outsider” is a personality trait, and usually they have a hobby that the author decides makes them different to other girls. The number of times I’ve seen characters who think they’re quirky because they like to draw or read or write or do photography or whatever else. Anyhow, I can’t explain the level of hatred I have for this trope and if it were to just disappear I would appreciate it so so much.

// Every Adult Is Useless //

One of the biggest questions I have for YA authors is what are all the adults doing and why are they fine with this 16 year old running around doing all sorts of ridiculous things? I cannot imagine that every parent (the ones who aren’t dead because all parents seem to be dead in YA books) is fine with their teen child killing these insane villains or picking up a gun and leading a revolution? I have one question: what the hell bestie?

// Being besties since they were four but having a convenient argument to push the plot. They will be besties again by the end of the book //

Someone, please explain to me how it is that these people have not had any arguments for years, except now they have a huge one to move the plot forwards but will go back to being friends again by the end of the book. Extra points for the friends saving each other from death or the villain, and either barely say thanks or go back to being absolute best friends. Because I literally have not read a single book where someone actually loses a friend and learns how to deal with it and move on without that person. That would be a whole lot more relatable and would be a really nice thing for some people to read. Also having characters who are comfortable in their own company? There’s not enough of them. I get that it’s really nice to have a group of friends, but for so many people that’s just not the way it is. I don’t know, I just want to see lonely characters lol

// Metaphors //

No, I am not talking about metaphors in the same way your English teacher might. I mean when characters create elaborate metaphors out of insignificant objects. And you know what, I love this. Yes, it may be a little pretentious, I can’t lie. But I actually quite like this trope. My bookish origin story, as I like to think of it, is The Fault In Our Stars. That was the book that got me into reading and I read it so many times I can still spout Augustus’ metaphor lines off the top of my head. Therefore I honestly can’t be that mad at this trope. I love metaphors, and even though I times characters don’t do it well (I love Kaz so much but what is this about feeding his grudges fine cuts of meat?), I in general really enjoy this trope.

// Dark, brooding, sarcastic love interest with a disturbing past //

I always thought I had standards, until I came across this trope. I wish I didn’t but I love this trope. To an extent of course. Some of these boys are just straight up toxic (yes I mean the Darkling) but if the characters are like Will and Nasir and Kaz I can’t hate this. Because some of these characters will be the biggest feminists and I love it. Like they have quite interesting morals – essentially it’s okay to kill people, but its not okay to disrespect women, by the way.

// Y/N //

I know this is technically not a trope, but this is the only post I could think to out my hatred for this in. I absolutely despise Y/N and let me explain why. It seems like a really good idea right? Because it gets people more involved and it makes you feel like you’re in the story. But. I hate it. When the author puts a description of Y/N and its this petite blonde haired blue eyed girl. Why? Do only blonde blue eyed people read this book? Because believe me a lot of people reading are not going to match the description of this basic girl and it just makes people feel excluded. I know there are some stories where Y/N isn’t blonde and blue eyed, but I have yet to read a book with Y/N that has an accurate or even vaguely accurate description of me.

I am afraid those are the only book tropes I can regurgitate off the top of my head. If I happen to think up some more, I will certainly make a second part to this. Until then, I hope you enjoy this post, and I apologize that it’s been two weeks.

look who’s back. back again. (november wrap up except there’s nothing really to wrap up)

Hello everyone! Look who it is! Missed me? Probably not. Anyway, I have decided to grace you all with my presence here again, which I’m sure you all are very happy about hm? So, now that I’m here, let’s catch up shall we? How are you all? I’ve actually missed being here amongst all you wonderful bookish people, and I am so happy to be back again. What have you all been up to? I need a good catch up with you all, I missed you! So, shall we talk a little about my hiatus? Why not?

So we all know why I left for a bit (exams -_-) and now that those have sort of calmed down (I wouldn’t be back if they hadn’t) I thought now would be a wonderful time to wake up from my blogging hibernation and make my return. Good talk huh? I mean, there’s not much to say on the hiatus front besides that πŸ˜…

Well, now it’s December (I know, very observant of me to notice) which is so so insane. In less than a month it’s going to be 2022. Anyhow, let’s talk books shall we? Or more so, let’s talk about the books I didn’t read. This month has been my lowest when it comes to books I read. Should I tell you? I read 2 books! 2!! And one of them was one of the worst books I’ve read this year! 😭 Let’s talk about this.

The first book I read in November was This Is My Truth by Yasmin Rahman. It was a really really good read, and I ended up giving it 3 and a half stars, which may seem low but it isn’t. I really liked the main character and the way that she describes everything around her. I’m not gonna lie I didn’t really like Huda towards the end, but it’s okay. Also the hijabi rep was everything haha πŸ˜€

This though. This was not it. I’m tempted to say this is the worst book I read this year, but I also read We Were Liars this year too, and that book has top spot right now. Or bottom spot depending on how you see it. Anyways, this book was horrific. I genuinely hate being negative about books, but this book was nothing but bad. The writing reminds me vaguely of my writing in 5th grade, and by some horrid turn of fate I hated the characters. For those of you who don’t know, my favourite movie of all time is Dead Poets Society, and this book made me have to go back and rewatch this movie because I was starting to not like the characters. The writing made me want to just shrivel up and never read again, it was that bad. That’s saying a lot. A lot scenes where just completely messed up, and you could clearly see where the movie lines stopped and the author’s began. Or maybe I’ve just seen this movie too many times. Honestly though. I hated every second of it, but I wanted to keep going. It was like watching a car crash. Disastrous, but you can’t look away.

So now that I’m done complaining for now (this isn’t the last you’ll hear of DPS The Book), let’s talk about my TBR. I haven’t set a proper TBR because I’m foreseeing a lot of studying and work this month as well however I will be having a 2 week break which I’ll be using to read as much as I can because I miss it. So, as my December hopefuls:

The Invisible Life Of Addie LaRue


Normal People




The Book Thief (reread)

Conversations With Friends

I obviously won’t be able to get to all of them this month since that’s quite a lot, but they are just recs for me to enjoy this month.

That’s all for now then from me. I’m really excited to be back, and I can’t wait to keep writing posts πŸ™‚ Let’s chat in the comments!

another hiatus – damn it cherry get it together

Hey everyone! How are you all? So as I’m sure you have gathered from the title, its the time of year again where I go off on a hiatus. I feel like I’m going off to hibernate πŸ˜… But yes, I must bid adieu to all you lovely people for the time being.

The reason? I’m so freaking busy, its so bad. This year and next year are going to be completely hectic with exams and exam revision and a million different bits, and I just never saw it coming. I really hope I can come back soon, because I honestly love being here, and every time I take a break I always feel a little heartbroken.

The thing is though, I’m barely pushing out a post each week, and I guess I knew for a while now this whole hasty put together of scarce posts wouldn’t last very long, particularly when the posts are starting to get shorter and less complex, and just worse I guess. I’ve not been around blog hopping or interacting with anyone, and I guess the only solution now is to take a step back. I’m not reading ad much anymore either because I don’t have any time, and the time I do have I use to either write posts or just try to gain some energy back πŸ˜… Coffee and I are becoming very well acquainted πŸ˜‚

Hopefully in this time I can write a few posts up, in time for when I come back, so I’ll be set for a good start, and I guess just overall this break will help a lot. I’m not going to lie and say I’m not worried about my stats taking a plummet, but they already have been so it can’t be that bad.

Thank you all so much for everything already, you all are the absolute best. Take care of yourselves and each other!

(My sign off works even better now lol, yes I’m proud of myself)

my fictional bucket list – bookish things i would do if i could

Hello everyone! If you read a lot (which I assume you do or this blog would be an odd place for you to be on) then you have probably thought at some point while reading “Oh, I want to do that!”. I have, which is why I’m compiling a list of fictional things I want to do.

// Talk to a philosophical book who convinces me to do questionable things //

Now, this out of context sounds really odd. But, if like me you have read We Free The Stars, you might too want to talk to the Jawarat. If you haven’t read the book (O_O) allow me to explain. The Jawarat is a book that Zafira gets towards the end of We Hunt The Flame. For reasons I will not disclose, she can communicate with said book through her mind. And I want to do that! Imagine talking to an old historical book! It honestly sounds like once we have an agreement, me and the book might just get along quite well.

// Play the flute to a three headed dog //

Do I know how to play the flute? No. Is it a risk to my life? Probably. But I think it might be a bit of a fun story to tell the kids one day, disbelieving as they will be about it. And I think we all harbour a secret wish to act like Hagrid for a little bit. So play the flute to Fluffy it is.

// Eat a trough of waffles with apple sauce and then go back for seconds//

Jesper once did it as a dare, and I will too if forced. I assume Nina would be in full support of this endeavor, and if Nina approves then all is well. I don’t even like apple sauce that much, but hey, anything to best Jesper at anything.

// Go about the streets of London killing demons //

Isn’t that a nice way to spend your afternoon? Yes you risk getting severely injured and perhaps dying, but it’s all in a day’s work no? And, I mean, Iratze runes exist. Also Will and Jem are amazing and I would take every opportunity to go anywhere with them.

// Gossip about how proud and annoying Mr Darcy is //

You cannot convince me that talking to Elizabeth Bennet wouldn’t be fun, because it would! She’s an absolute wonder of a person and I would talk to her all day about anything.

// Watch Mal fight and enjoy every time he is hit //

I personally do not have the physical ability to fight a person like Mal, but I could just watch him get hit over and over and revel in it. He is the most annoying character ever, and watching him get beaten would do wonders for my happiness.

// Follow Poirot around and pretend to understand his genius //

Much as I wish I could say I would solve a mystery, we all know I probably couldn’t, so instead I have resigned myself to following Poirot around and just existing. He is incredibly clever and I would just watch him being smart.

// Get Wylan’s ghost to teach my ghost to play the flute and then aquire expensive habits in the afterlife and pay someone to burn my money for me //

I’m just now realizing how you all have to have read the same books as me to get the references that I’m saying. Here I would like to join in a heist, inevitably die because I would be the reason everyone goes down, and then get Wylan to teach me to play the flute in the afterlife. And because my ghost will be rich in the afterlife, I would pay someone to burn money for me because I’m a cold rich criminal.

// Tell Henry about the moon landing because he’s an idiot who doesn’t know it happened //

Ok, I’m kidding. Henry is not an idiot. Or maybe a little. My point is that I would like to tell Henry all about the moon landing and maybe embroider the truth a little bit πŸ˜‰ For those who don’t know, the book is The Secret History.

// Play one of the witches in Macbeth with Oliver and James //

I have absolutely no acting ability, but in this fictional reality I do. And so I too would like to play a witch alongside Oliver and James. Oh, and by the way, they’re not playing witches. They’re just also in the play. Just to clarify. Unless.. Also Wren would play one of the witches too, because I’m the one casting and I love Wren so so much. She’s the best and I wish she had gotten better in the book because she deserved it.

// Remember Addie LaRue //

I’ve just now started The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, and I feel really bad for her πŸ˜… Imagine how lonely her life must be. So, I would like to remember Addie LaRue. Oh imagine if we’ve all already met someone like Addie LaRue but we don’t know it because, well, we would have forgotten. Wouldn’t that be a little interesting?

// Eat figs //

It’s a little funny that my biggest takeaway from The Song of Achilles is figs eating. Sigh. But I do like figs, so this I can actually do.

// Kiss a volcra on the forehead //

I honestly can’t remember where this is from, I think its some interview or another with the cast of S&B, but I just thought of it and I think its pretty funny. Imagine just trying to give a volcra a little peck on the forehead πŸ˜‚

And that is my fictional bucket list. Although I may not be able to do any of this, except maybe eat figs, I guess it’s good to write it out anyway. I hope you all enjoyed this list, let me know what sorts of stuff you would do if you were in a book!

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