tier ranking all the popular books on the book internet that i’ve read (what am i even doing anymore)

Hello, hello, hello! It is I, doing something rather exciting today. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, I’m sure you’ve seen those tier ranking videos, where people tier rank anything and everything under the sun. Well, one year later I am joining, and I will be tier ranking some of the most popular books you can find on the bookternet. Of course, I have read all of these, which is, you know, the bare minimum, and so I will now tell you all what I think. You can obviously disagree with me in the comments, wage war, do what you would like, this is just what I think of these books. So, let’s begin!

// The Tiers //

Here are my tiers! So, the top, the creme de la creme, if you will, is called superior. These are the best there is, there is no doing better because these are the greatest. The next category is called “alright, i see you” with a hair tuck behind the ear. These are all very good books, they are giving what needs to be gave, but they are just not the greatest, and that is okay. They know their place and they stick to it. The middle category is called “you can stay”. These are just bearable. They aren’t particularly good, they aren’t particularly bad, they are just the most average. The second to last is simply called “hot garbage”. These are books that I would throw in a burning junkyard, never to be seen again. And the last, most shameful category is called “jail”. This is prison time for having the audacity to be popular. And our book lineup… Drumroll please…

The face of the book world, I am sure you recognize all of these, and have probably read a fair few. Now, to the ranking.

// A Thousand Splendid Suns //

What is there to explain about this? A Thousand Splendid Suns is sad and beautifully written and one of the best books I read last year. It truly is one of the most superior books in this line-up, and it has earnt it’s popular place on the internet.

// City Of Bones //

In a good way, I swear. I affectionately hate this series, with as much loving energy as is possible. It truly is YA trash, but good trash. However, it has to go, and if a burning dumpster is the place to go, so be it.

// Clockwork Angel //

Will and Jem redeemed this book for me, and so did Tessa. This is an example of a GOOD love triangle, and the only one I can actually name.

// Divergent //

Yet more trash. See, I was going to rank each book in these various series separately, but unfortunately for us all the website wouldn’t load with so many book covers, and it would also probably be very boring for you all, especially if you haven’t read some of the longer series. So, I will be ranking them all as a series whole, which is why Divergent takes its miserable place in hot garbage. It could have been good, but the last two books took it all down.

// Girl In Pieces //

See, I liked this book. Very much. But I think that there are books that are definitely better and books that I think mean a lot more to me. This is the sort of book that I would remember as being a good book, no strings attached. And the strings are what takes books up to superior.

// Harry Potter //

I know that I am wrong. As a rule, I am incorrect. But I just can’t take this book up to a level higher than “you can stay”. Because that is very much how I feel about this book. It can simply take up space, but that’s it. I guess we should all just be happy that I didn’t put it in hot garbage. It will not be getting any praise, not just for the author but also the many problems I have with it, and the only reason it is in the 3rd spot is because I know I am wrong, and because of the childhood nostalgia.

Please. Don’t get me wrong. I love this book very much. Very very much. But it just doesn’t have what it takes to be in the top category. Let me put it this way. If I were all 4 judges in Britain’s Got Talent, I would give this book 4 yes’s but I wouldn’t give it the golden buzzer. I really hope that made sense, and I am very sorry to anyone who doesn’t know what Britain’s Got Talent is because I’m sure everything I just said sounded like nonsense.

// If We Were Villains //

This is my golden buzzer book. The book that I would sent off to camp the second I open it. This book has one of my favourite first lines, and then my favourite lines that follow. Stunner of a book, and one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

// Illuminae //

The format of this book intrigued me, so I read it and it served. Despite me not loving the boy whose name I can no longer remember, I did really enjoy this, and I think I might be a little in love with a literal AI. Who needs help? Not me.

// One Of Us Is Lying //

Maybe it’s just me, but there is only one word I can think of to describe this book: average. It was simply just good enough. I didn’t like any of the characters until the end, and the plot was sort of a little predictable. To give it credit, it was quite addictive to read, and I might just be salty that the show is awful (in my humble opinion) and the casting for Nate made me want to cry.

// Pride and Prejudice //

To be honest I can’t even say enough worth hearing because this book is THE book. Literally the most famous book that every list ever shoves down your throat. And so anything I say is very honestly irrelevant. However, I have put this book in the second tier, and I don’t want to talk about it. Jane Austen has done better, and I think this book is not her best work.

// Red White and Royal Blue //

I would never lie to any of you, so I will tell you that I really don’t remember much about this book besides that I laughed quite a bit and I liked the characters. All that said, I think it deserves a spot close to the top, because I have a fond, if blurry, memory of it.

// Shadow and Bone //

I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you! The first book was good. It was great even. But as is usual with trilogies, the last 2 books dragged it down. If it hadn’t been for the first book, this book might have been superior.

// Shatter Me //

Prison time. That is the best that this book deserves. I, again, know I am in the minority when I say I hate this book, but I do! So much. Juliette annoys me like noone else, and I ended up dnfing the series.

// Six of Crows //

On the other end, we have one of my favourite series of all time, Six of Crows. This, people, is how you write proper YA. The found family is unlike any other book, and the Shadow and Bone cast, the six of crows ones that is, are so bloody brilliant, I am in love. Certified classic.

// The Book Thief //

Y’all, this book if narrated by freaking DEATH! Stop! It’s so good oh my lord. I have been wanting to reread it for the longest time ever, because its so good! This is another superior book, and I stand by that for ever. I might just start a TBT defence club because I love this book so much!

// The Cruel Prince //

Jude and Cardan. Kill me. I wouldn’t even be mad. I just melted thinking of them 😭They are such a power couple omllll. Ok… Meltdown over. Anyhow, I love Holly Black, and I once bought a book just because it has a review by her on the front. This woman is a literary queen and I am dying to read her new book. Superior.

// The Fault In Our Stars //

A few years ago this would have been superior. No longer. I think I’ve outgrown how pretentious this book is. The only reason it’s in the middle is because I think 11 year old me would discover time travel just to beat me up in indignance. So, for the safety of my backside, I keep it in the middle. It can stay.

// The Hunger Games //

My the odds be ever in my favour if my younger self discovers time travel. Someone please explain my basic taste back in the day? To be fair, The Hunger Games, as in the first one, is really good, I love the one. Good book, good movie. But, there is better, and books that I love far more, and that’s who the top tiers are reserved for.

// The Inheritance Games //

Why are there three? There are few books I hate with my entire soul, and this is one of them. I think I did a read-a-long of this book, and it was the funniest thing in the worst way. First of all, both Gray and Jameson need to shut up with their stupid nicknames and their attempts at humour. Secondly, I have never met someone so unworthy of a lot of money. She truly lowered my expectations of main characters. Now, I am sure that I was right about love triangles.

// The Maidens //

Before I explain, have you lot seen the new cover? They failed they assignment. It is so ugly, it’s unbelievable. Moving on, I put this in the second tier. I loved it, but it just didn’t have the X factor. What is with these talent shows today? Ok, anyways, I formally apologize to Henry and Fred. Ily hehe. πŸ‘€

// The Raven Boys //

Am I stupid or was this series one of the most confusing things that has ever happened to me? I couldn’t keep up with the plot. Maybe it’s me. I’m the problem.

Alright, this is getting way too long, so I’m going to have to split this into another part. I really hope you all enjoyed this, I’ll be completely honest I’ve been writing this post since March. I been busy, what can I say, don’t hate the player hate the game. Until next time, see you!

may wrap up // literally what

Hello! Its kind of weird to be writing a post again since so long ago πŸ˜… I miss it but its a bit odd. I haven’t done a wrap up since February, so I’m very rusty, but it’s well past time so here I am. Hello. How has your month been? Good books? Alright. See what I mean? I can’t remember how to start these posts anymore 😭 Ok, let me just tell u about the books I’ve been reading hm?

// books i read //

// Maurice //

If I’m being completely honest, this took my way too long to read and I forget I had read it until I checked my storygraph. So good start hm? Anyhow, this was actually a really good book. It made me very conflicted because I didn’t really like Maurice and I really liked Clive and then I didnt like Clive and still didn’t like Maurice and then I sort of liked Maurice and didn’t like Alec but I’m still happy about then end? I really don’t know how to feel, but the writing was really good, so I gave this 3.75 stars I think. A little forgettable I can’t lie.

// Red White and Royal Blue //

Less forgettable haha. I loved this very very much! The characters were all brilliant, it was funny and entertaining and it was a good quick read, which I appreciate. I was going to read One Last Stop as well, but as soon as my reservation came in I wasn’t in the mood anymore. Sigh. What hardship it is to be a mood reader.

// It’s Kind of A Funny Story //

Stooop! This was so good! I ended up reading this in a day, which was convenient because it upped my monthly count really quickly by the end of the month (yay). The narration was so good, I feel like Craig is so relatable to so many people, which I guess you can tell by the number of people who have recommended it all over social media. So, I am joining the fan club.

// Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of The Universe //

Another one day read. Another really good book. Are we seeing a theme? It might be because I should be studying and I do nothing but procrastinate. Anyways, this was a really good book, although to be honest I got quite annoyed with Ari sometimes. On one hand, I get that it’s hard growing up and all that, but he just sometimes annoyed me. I mean, his mum was literally so sweet and he just went out of his way to be mean to her sometimes. She deserved better. Either way, I really like Dante and Ari, and I might end up reading the next book as well.

// TBR //

  • My Policeman
  • All The Bright Places
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Against Nature
  • Call Me By Your Name

// Books Hauled //

I am literally so excited for this, it’s insane. But first, the least exciting of the lot:

I am become bookstagram. So, I finally got Kingdom of The Wicked, a year late but no matter. I also got All The Bright Places, also very late. The more perceptive of you might realize that they look rather beaten up and a little sad, but I promise I did no go to war with these as my shield. I just got them second hand πŸ˜…

And now, for the piece de resistance, the nicest book I have ever bought. As we all know, I hope, my all time favourite books are the We Hunt The Flame duology. So when I found out about the new Illumicrate editions, I ran a mile and ordered them.

I may have gone overboard on the bookstagram thing 0.0 But anyway, look at it! It’s so pretty, I may have cried when they arrived. Also I didn’t know that there was a drawing at the back of Nasir and Altair on the book and it was the best surprise of my whole life. 😭

// Movies and Shows //

The outfits. I am deceased. Yeah that’s it. Also Grace hate club. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

I watched the first 2 episodes and I am a very happy person for having watched them. I’ve been really busy (which might be obvious from my prolonged hiatus (its been a month)) but once I have time I want to finish it.

That’s all I reckon for this month. May was honestly not much of anything, just busy and tiring, but here I am again. Alright, see you in my June wrap up. ( I might actually be serious, I’m sorry)

22 books i want to read this 2022

I’m back shawty! It’s been a while, I missed you all, but now I’m back! Is it May? Yes. Is this the sort of post you expect to see at the beginning of the year? Yes. But do I care? No not really. The year isn’t over meaning I still have time to read these 22 books, and you all should too probably, I don’t know. I’ll let you know after I’ve read them, if I do, which, considering my track record with TBRs, is very doubtful. Anyhow, here’s the books:

// The Poppy War //

This series has gotten less and less hype nowadays (or maybe I just haven’t been on the book scene recently) but I want to read it still. It is well-loved and that is enough to make me very curious, because usually everything I read has very mixed reviews.

// A Little Life //

Before I even talk about this book, I would like to say, look up the trigger warnings. We can’t be talking about this book unless we all know what we’re getting into, so please do look up the trigger warnings. I’ll wait…. Ok thank you. Now, I am very excited and very nervous about reading this book, and I’m going to be finishing it as soon as possible. I have actually already finished the first part, I am at the beginning of The Postman, and I have heard a whisper that the saddest part is The Happy Years. Ironic, I know, but I am getting rather nervous as I get closer and closer to the end. Many people have apparently been put into reading slumps far ages because of this book, and I do not want that to be me because I am already in a bad enough book slump from this, and I cannot be thrown into another.

// Solitaire //

I recently found out that Heartstopper is going to be a TV show, and I am very excited that it’s coming out soon (22nd to be precise). Therefore I would like to read as many of Alice Oseman’s books as possible before this happens. I’ve already read Heartstopper and Loveless, both of which made me very happy, and now I think I might read Solitaire next. Oh, and I also only very very recently figured out the links, that being that Tori is actually the Tori that is Charlie’s brother. So, go me huh?

// And The Mountains Echoed //

I love A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner very much, so it makes sense that I should also read And The Mountains Echoed. Unless I have my dates very much mixed up, I think this is Khaled Hosseini’s most recent book, which doesn’t really do much for me but I guess I wanted to mention it?

// On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous //

The title. Immaculate. Show-stopping. Very nice. This is the only reason I want to read this book, for the title. Because it is frankly wonderful.

// Night Sky With Exit Wounds //

In the same vein, Night Sky With Exit Wounds. Still for the beautiful title.

// Lolita //

The number of times I have mentioned this book compared to the very obvious fact that I have not read it does not add up. I still haven’t finished this forsaken book, and I really want to, it’s just a long read. Not because the book is long, it very much isn’t, in fact it is quite a slim book, but because Humbert Humber does not quite understand the word ‘concise’. He just cannot shut up, and it got on my nerves so I left it. But, I do really want to get back to it and read it because the writing is fantastic, despite being exhaustive.

// Another Time //

Auden is slowly but surely becoming one of my favourite poets, and therefore I really want to read this poetry collection. I think Auden just writes so beautifully, every poem just sounds and feels so good when you say it out loud, the words sort of fit together so perfectly, I am shocked at poets all the time. For example:

Hell is neither here nor there,
Hell is not anywhere,
Hell is hard to bear.

It is so hard to dream posterity
Or haunt a ruined century
And so much easier to be.

Only the challenge to our will,
Our pride in learning any skill,
Sustains our effort to be ill.

To talk the dictionary through
Without a chance word coming true
Is more than Darwin’s apes could do.

Yet pride alone could not insist
Did we not hope, if we persist,
That one day Hell might actually exist.

In time, pretending to be blind
And universally unkind
Might really send us out of our mind.

If we were really wretched and asleep
It would be then to weep,
It would be natural to lie,
There’d be no living left to die

// Howl’s Moving Castle //

To be completely honest, I don’t know much about this book, but I read a post about all the reasons to read it, and therefore I will. So to whoever out there wrote that post on Pinterest, thank you for the book rec, I hope it will be good.

// One Noone and A Hundred Thousand //

My favourite sort of books are ones that completely warp my perception of all life, and this may be that book. The idea is that noone sees us as we see ourselves, so everyone builds a persona of you that is not actually you and the main character realises this and goes mad. Sounds fun no? Besides the going mad part, but it’s all in a day’s work.

// Cinder //

I bought this not too long ago, and I think this may be the year I read it. I’ve seen the prettier covers so often and I’ve wanted to buy them for ages, but I don’t know if its worth it because I might end up hating it so I want to read it and find out.

// Caraval //

Much in the same thinking, I got this book at the same time as Cinder, and much like Cinder I still haven’t read it.

// Furyborn //

I might have heard a whisper about a certain boy in this book… and maybe I’m a little intrigued… also the copy I have of this book is very floppy and I like that very much, which may or may not be the reason I bought it, besides the synopsis of course. he he. πŸ‘€

// The Murder of Roger Ackroyd //

Agatha Christie. That’s all. Thank you.

// All The Bright Places //

I saw this book in a booktok video recently about mental health, and even though I already knew about it, I never really made it a priority to read it. But now. Now I am interested. I feel like books about mental health are generally so much better than other books, particularly the writing style and the tone.

// Lore Olympus //

Maybe, just maybe I’m going back to my little Greek mythology phase. Or maybe I just think the book is really pretty. (Have you all seen it? Like I’m not the only one right? It’s really pretty!) I’ve seen quite a bit of it on Webtoon and I just want Apollo to get bitten by the big dog (I can’t for the life of me remember his name smh) and I want Hades to be happy. Also can Zeus get it together? Oh, and Eros and Hermes are underrated icons and I would die for them both. The apology donuts oml!

// Kingdom of The Wicked //

Wrath. I’ve heard a lot about this man. He better not disappoint or we will have something of a problem. The fanart looks really cool, and that is about all I know of this book. Nevertheless, I want to read it just so I can say I have and stop being one of the only people on WordPress to have not read it. I have FOMO, and that is a valid reason to read a book.

// Stalking Jack The Ripper //

I think we need to start talking about all of the quotes I see all over Pinterest. In fact, I might actually have a Pinterest board for Stalking Jack The Ripper and I haven’t even read it yet, it just houses all of the quotes and fanart I keep seeing.

// You’ve Reached Sam //

Another booktok favourite. You would think that by now I would have learned to stop trusting booktok with my recommendation because they rarely end well. If ever. Anyways, this book looks promising, so I want to read it.

// The Memory Police //

Jack Edwards read and recommended this, and that is all the motivation I need to read a book. This man could recommend a book I have never heard of and have no interest in reading, but I will pick it up just for his superior book taste.

// Call Me By Your Name //

By Lil Nas X.

// The Atlas Six //

A year. I have been waiting to read this book for a YEAR! I did my waiting! 12 months of it. Give or take. Anyways, I just needed an excuse to talk about what the bloody hell they did to the cover. The old cover was beautiful. Stunning. Show stopping. And then the new one came out and I am upset about it.

What are the odds I finish these this year? I don’t know because I still don’t understand gambling odds, but if I was a betting man, I would stop gambling instantly and realize that the odds are very much against me. Either way, I hope you liked this post, I am very happy to be back and I will see you all very soon! Buh-bye!

reading the maidens to get myself out of a book slump // reading blog

Hello! I’ve been in such a bad reading slump, and its time to change that. So, I’m going to be reading The Maidens, a book that I’ve been meaning to get around to for the longest time, and one that I am very excited about because dark academia books make me very happy. For the record, there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t read this book, read at your own risk… ok let’s go!

Chapter 6

This is a completely wild guess, but does Henry have something to do with the girl who got stabbed? Because I’m fairly sure Mariana is going to now go off to Cambridge and she’s going to get caught up in the mystery, but the fact that they mentioned Henry in so much detail means he probably has something to do with the plot. Right? Because if he was just a side character who was there to start the book off, there wouldn’t have been a backstory right? I don’t know honestly, right now,  head empty, no thoughts just vibes.

Chapter 9

I really don’t like people talking to me if I don’t know them (and even sometimes if I do know them 😹😭) but Fred seems really nice, I wouldn’t mind having a conversation with him. Also the level of confidence you have to have to be able to just start talking to someone you don’t know? How? Maybe I’m just very introverted but thats a little crazy to me. πŸ˜… Anyways, Fred is now entering the database as a good character, and if it turns out he’s somehow involved in this murder I will raise hell. But anyhow, I love this so much so far, I can already feel my book slump slowly drifting away. This is wonderful, thank you Alex Michaelides.

Chapter 17

I feel like Mr Michaelides is trying very hard to make me suspect Edward Fosca, and now I feel like I’m gonna be so pissed either way, cos if it’s him then it was way too obvious, and if it’s not then it was also very obvious that it isn’t. I don’t know who, but either way this is very annoying in a good way.

Chapter 20

I’m so excited to meet the Maidens because they literally seem like a vibe. Like everyone is getting pressed about them, but they’re just vibing making their little secret society. I really hope this doesn’t come back to bite me in the backside once I actually do meet them, but so far they just seem like a group of girls hanging out and doing secret society stuff πŸ˜… A bit like Dead Poets Society maybe but more eary? I don’t know. I really hate Edward Fosca though, something about him feels off. And I still haven’t forgotten Henry. Something is up with this man and I intend to find out what, and if he isn’t even a part of the rest of the book I will be so unsatisfied.

Chapter 1

Y’all I’m telling you Henry has something to do with this, it mentioned how he remembered his father and at the beginning it also talks about his abusive father. If he’s not involved I will be so shocked because the hints are there.

Chapter 12

I hate The Maidens. maybe that’s the point but they’re just kind of annoying. They’re all stuck up and the two that Mariana talked to were just a bit eh.

Chapter 16

I am CONVINCED that Henry has something to do with this. Also, if you’re reading this then I was right because my insistence is going to be so embarrassing if I’m wrong that I would have just taken this out πŸ˜…

Chapter 2

Ok wait. What about Fred? It might be him. Hear me out, they’re all always talking about how the killer seemed to just vanish after murdering someone. And then at the end, when Fred leaves, it says “Funny that- he seemed to have disappeared”! Coincidence? Still not over Henry either, can he actually stop with this “i can see you thing?”

Chapter 17

I might have to delete this whole post, because I really just came for Henry this whole time and it wasn’t even him πŸ’€ I’m so confused now. The only other person I can’t think of is Fred. This guy is acting a little suspicious I can’t lie. I’m determined that it’s Edward Fosca, because that would be so obvious that it would just be annoying.

Chapter 8


Bloody hell. Wow. So um. Heh. This is a formal apology to Henry because I really just came for him this whole time. Also sorry to Fred the literal saint, he seriously deserved better than my accusing him. Fred did no wrong, and I hope he asks Mariana to marry him and she says yes. I am sorry for him and to him.

As for what I thought of this book, well, that was brilliant. I’ve been in a long book slump, and this book cured all, so I appreciate that. But also this was incredibly written and so so engaging. This was prime dark academia and I’m honestly so glad I read it (finally lol). I would highly recommend, and this definitely gets a 5 star rating from me. I will be writing up a review for this so check that out when it comes out. Thank you for reading this little reading blog, this has been very fun, have a good day!

february wrap up // what was that bestie?!

Hey all! I’m so glad this month is over because that was just something else. Maybe it was just me, but this was such a bad month πŸ˜… I got covid at the beginning of the month, and then broke my finger playing handball, not to mention the massive book slump I’m in right now. Ugh. Oh well, hopefully March treats us all better because I for one need it. But, let’s wrap this up shall we?

Books read

Heartstopper Series

Guysss. This is so cute oml. 5 stars for all of the books, this was the best thing thats ever happened to me. Nick and Charlie are the sweetest, and maybe I just read too many enemies to lovers but its been a while since I’ve seen such a healthy relationship in a book πŸ˜… I have nothing more to say besides Paris Gang supremacy.


Absolutely yes. Just yes. Read this if you haven’t, reread it if you have because this book is so good! Maybe I’m just easy to please, but this was so good!

And um, thats all. I don’t know yall, I’m in the worst book slump and nothing I read makes me want to carry on. I’ve picked up so many books, and I’ve just put them all back down again, and I dont really know why. I’m thinking of rereading Illuminae because it is quite quick and its not as intimidating as a novel because it’s quite fun. So yeah, thats the plan. Or maybe I’ll read The Maidens, just because.

March Hopefuls

  • The Maidens
  • All My Puny Sorrows
  • Edgar Allan Poe Short Story Collection
  • These Violent Delights
  • Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass
  • Furyborn

Other Things and Stuff


I watched this movie this month, and while I did enjoy it mostly, I think there were some things that I just didn’t really like. Overall I think this is a 3 out of 5 stars, and although I did intend to read the book, I don’t think I will anymore.

The Dead Poets Society Podcast

The podcast is still thriving, in fact I think there was an episode released a few days ago which is very exciting and I am looking forward to.

In other news, I hit 200 followers! I am so thankful to everyone, and I will be doing a special post for that, which will be part q and a. So, if you have any questions, or anything you want to know about me, let me know in the comments!

Thats really all folks, there’s not much else to say. February was a month best left in the past, and that it is my conclusion. Thank you all so much for reading, and have a beautiful month!

WWW Wednesday 23/02/22

Hey! How are you all? Today is Wednesday, I believe, meaning its time for a WWW Wednesday! If you don’t know about WWW Wednesday, it is a weekly tag where you answer these three questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading?

While I’m writing this, I’m not currently reading anything, which is not very usual but explainable once I get to the next question, because today I finished off three books πŸ˜…

What did you recently finish reading?

So, um I finished three books today. To be fair, two were comics and not very long, and the other I’ve been reading for a while now, but still, let me have my moment πŸ˜…

I read the first two Heartstopper books in very quick succession, both tonight, and I am so happy that I have because they’re so cute and they make me feel so warm inside. Like if you haven’t read them yet, you are missing out because these books are just so sweet!

I also read Loveless! Finally! Y’all. This book. The quickest 5 stars I’ve ever given, and the world’s cutest thing ever, but also just really happy and sweet. If it were possible to describe a book as kind, this book would be kind. It was so cute!

What do you think you’ll read next?

This is officially an Alice Oseman stan club. I loved all 3 so far, and I am so excited to read the rest of her books!

Thats all for now, let me know what you’ve been reading or if you’ve read these books, and I’ll see you all in the next one!

books that got me into reading

Hello! So, um, I just hit 200 followers, which I will try not to freak out about and I will talk about later on in this post, but I’ve been thinking about how this all came about, and this post is the result. Because before the book blog came the books, and there are definitely some specific books that I remember as being my origin story πŸ˜… I sometimes can’t quite believe that I actually enjoy reading, because I used to hate it when I was younger. But anyways, here are the books that got me into reading!

Secret Seven

This is the first series I binged πŸ˜… I remember reading this whole series in a week because I was sick and bored. I can’t really believe that this is one of my first series, and I am sort of sorry for past me, because I recently looked back at the books, and the only good thing about them is the nostalgia. I really do think that this is the sort of book that would put me off reading had I read it now, and I can only wonder why I read this then. That said, it really is very nostalgic.

Alone on A Wide Wide Sea

This book however, is very understandable. Michael Morpurgo was my favourite author when I was a child, this man basically raised me. I really want to reread this book soon because I loved it so much when I was a kid. Also, I’m pretty sure this is the first book I cried at, so there’s that.


Like I said, Michael Morpurgo. Brilliant author, and actually very impressive guy. He’s written an insane amount of books, and child me ate them right up. Shadow is one of my favorites, although Private Peaceful has a special place in my heart, and so does War Horse.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I most vividly remember the second book, I remember the guy called Montgomery Montgomery, the snakes, the quite sad ending. Honestly this was just a staple of my reading experience, and one I would highly recommend.

Harry Potter

I think this was the weird sort of half life of my reading, where I obsessed over this series and this series only. I read this when I was quite young and absolutely loved it, but I didn’t enjoy reading anything else. Most things just frustrated me and I gave up really quickly. Oh, and I didn’t start reading from book one, because at 8 years old I still hadn’t grasped that series were a thing and you had to read them in a specific order, so I started reading from book 3. O.O

The Fault In Our Stars

Now we are starting to get into my older years, and this is the book that revived my love of reading and set it in stone. I read this book when I was 11 I think, and since then I’ve been reading like there’s no tomorrow πŸ˜… This book was my first book addiction, I absolutely obsessed over it when I first read it and now here we are. It feels illegal to say it now, but I don’t actually like this book anymore. I think it’s sort of pretentious and a bit too try-hard, but I appreciate it very much.

The hunger games

The next series that I was obsessed with was The Hunger Games, which thinking about it now may be a little odd and a little concerning, but all is well because it did solidify my book love.


Y’all, the way I was addicted to this trilogy. Like seriously, it was my whole personality for a bit. I was that reader kid who was just so in love with this series. Much as I dislike it now, because let’s be honest, it’s really not that good in my humble opinion, I do appreciate this series so much because it did give me a good escape at that time and it did make me happy so I can’t fault it. The movies though πŸ—‘

So, that was it! Those were the books that created the giant mess that is me and this blog, and I am lowkey grateful to all of these books and authors for starting all of this indirectly. I think if you had told child me that I would in the future be writing a book blog, she would not be very happy with you. But thats beside the point. Now, onto recent news!

I hit 200 followers! πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ Thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate it so so much, you all are amazing and I’m so thankful for every single one of you! So, to celebrate, I will be doing a sort of celebration post, which will include a lil q and a with yours truly, so, if you have any questions at all, let me know in the comments. Again, thank you all so so much, I cannot quite express in normal English words just how much I appreciate you all!

Thank you so much for being here, and for reading. Let me know your questions and your bookish origins!

romances for the romance haters (another one)

Hello! Some of you may remember last year, when I made a post called Romance For The Romance Haters. And I thought, what better way to spend Valentines day than by giving you all book recs? So, if like me, you don’t enjoy romance books, prepare your icy heart because I might just have a recommendation for you. (I have tried very hard not to include WHTF because I literally don’t talk about any other book, so you’re welcome bestie. Still had to mention it though)

Six of Crows

Helnik, Wesper, Kanej. Can kill me. There is enough heist in this book for it to not be considered romance, but we all know you’re rooting for these ships so its absolutely perfect for everyone.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

This one might be a stretch, but The Picture of Dorian Gray has some romance, but mostly commentary on life. Its become my favorite classic and I’m currently working my way through the uncensored version, so I think I can include this book in this list, just for Basil. And Sybil. Poor Sybil.

If We Were Villains

Again, there’s enough in this book that it really isn’t a romance, but there are some moments where romance complicates these characters’ lives, so If We Were Villains finds a place on this list.

An emotion of great delight

You all know how I feel about this book, and even though I haven’t recommended this book much, I do think its really good and the touch of romance alongside the rest of the story makes this book brilliant.


I’ll be honest, I only included this book today because I did last year and I miss talking about this book. Absolutely bloody brilliant, and so underhyped.

The Cruel Prince

I’ve been saying this since forever, this book is perfect. Jude and Cardan are perfect, the political plot line is perfect, this book is just the absolute best, and if you don’t binge it, are you really getting what you should be out of it?

The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo

Obviously a book with this title made its way onto this list, but fear not, romance haters, because this book is not all romance. Yes, she marries quite a few men, but this book is mostly about celebrity culture and the life of the literal queen that is Evelyn Hugo.

Ayesha at last

Khalid. One word. The biggest reason to read this book.

Considering Valentines is only a day long, you won’t be able to read all of these and still want more, so that’s enough for today (also I can’t think of any more so um). I hope you enjoyed this, let me know what other books you think romance haters should read. Have an amazing day, and I’ll see you all in the next one πŸ‘‹

books I don’t stop recommending all rounded up in a single post

Hello everyone! So, you’ve read the title, and I confess. This is a post spawned entirely from my need to talk about the same books over and over until everyone I know has read them and loved them. And because I create occasion on this blog to post about my favorite books, here you have this post! Also I currently have covid (woohoo) so I will be here spamming you for the foreseeable future until I regain health. Anyways, these are the books I don’t stop talking about and you should all read:

Naturally we must begin with this one. This is the original, the one and only. This book is the one single book I recommend to everyone because it is so brilliant πŸ‘ Hafsah Faizal, I bow to you. I have been talking about this book since the beginning of time, in fact I am fairly sure my first words were “We Hunt The Flame”. I have written posts dedicated only to this book, I have read it over and over until I reached 38 reads in a year between both books. In fact as I write this, I am rereading it again. In other words, I am obsessed with this book. So let me tell you about it. This book follows the stories of Zafira and Nasir. Zafira is the infamous Demenhur hunter, she braves the Arz (a sort of cursed forest) to feed her people. Nasir is the very sad, very broken hearted Amir al-Maut (Prince of Death in Arabic). He is the son of Ghameq who is the sultan of Arawiya, and he basically kills a bunch of people just to make his dad happy with him but it never works. Nasir is my baby and I will hear nothing against him, ever. Then comes The Silver Witch, who tells Zafira that she can go off to this island called Sharr (Sharr in Arabic means evil) and if she brings back the needed artifact, she can bring magic back to Arawiya. So she goes. And she brings Deen with her. Deen is her best friend (though he wishes he was more) and he is the sweetest sweetheart the world has ever know.

So, Zafira goes off to Sharr with Deen, and she is followed there by the Prince of Death, who was sent with Altair by the Sultan to kill her. Altair is the general and he is absolutely hilarious. Nasir is also meant to kill Altair later on, but I think everyone sort of forgets that. Anyway, they all meet and an unlikely and quite uncomfortable alliance is formed.

And this book has it all, enemies to lovers, found family, a heist, you name it, this book has it. I cannot recommend this masterpiece enough, I love it with my whole entire heart. Of all the books on this list, if you’re going to read any of them, make it this one. I know the beginning might be slow, but stick with it because it is so worth it. Also the Arab representation! Y’all, the freaking rep.

Bloody masterpiece this book is. Absolute bloody masterpiece. I read this book because it was marketed as dark academia, and it gave. It did give what needed to be gave. This book is about a group of thespians (which by the way is a really interesting word, it makes me think of some sort of mythical creature) who are studying at a fancy school in the US. They study exclusively Shakespeare and they always seem to perform the same roles. However, the roles are reversed and one of them ends up dead (rip but I mean, am I upset) and obviously everything goes badly. Scattered throughout the book is a series of Shakespeare references, and my proudest moment was when I understood where a single one came from. Slow clap.

So, if you like Shakespeare, acting and murder (reading about, not doing, please don’t kill ppl thank u) then you should probably drop everything and pick this book up because it is literary gold. I am still mad at M.L.Rio for the ending. Also this is a debut novel? M.L.Rio built different, I could never.

My gang of criminal misfits. I would say they are so sweet and whatever, but who are we kidding. This book is one of the defining books in the YA genre, I present Six of Crows (faint clapping in the background). This book is about a group of 6 criminals, all with slightly, um, troubled backgrounds, who come together to go on an impossible heist. The leader of the Crows is a 17 year old called Kaz Brekker (I recently found out his name was going to be Baz, but then some other book came out with the same name so it had to be changed) who is just absolutely unhinged. Very clever, and very dangerous, he is nicknamed the Bastard of The Barrell, or Dirtyhands, and he is one of the most well known criminals in all of Ketterdam. Then we have my darling Inej, treasure of my heart, The Wraith. Inej is one of Kaz’s investments (and you say romance is dead) and she is his spider, she finds and tells secrets. Then we have Heartrender Nina, which is exactly what it sounds like, powerful Grisha and incredible woman. She absolutely loves waffles, in fact they are her one true love, and she is just our queen. Maybe I have a pinterest board dedicated only to her, but thats none of anyone business. Also she can’t sing. Just for the record. There is also the master gunslinger, Jesper Llewellyn Fahey (nice middle name). Addicted to his guns, super fashion sense, and an icon. Wylan Van Sunshine, he is a literal child but we love him, son to the famous Jan Van Eck, blows some stuff up and is just generally the sweetest (that’s why we call him Wylan Van Sunshine). Last but not least, the druskelle who only really became passable in Crooked Kingdom, Matthias Helvar. I can’t be mad at this man, his character arc was beautiful.

That was incredibly long and extensive just to tell you to read this book, but I think you should. The characters are all extremely likeable and the heist is so much fun. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

I love dark academia so much, regardless of some of my disapproving thoughts on this book πŸ‘€ This book is about a group of Greek students studying under the charming influence of Julian Morrow. There’s not a lot I can say without ruining the plot, but someone does die (that’s not a spoiler, its the first line of the book, “The snow in the mountains was melting and Bunny had been dead for several weeks before we came to understand the gravity of our situation”). I have many an opinion on this book, but I appreciate how good it really is, and, in fact, one of my favorite lines off all time comes from The Secret History: “And the nights, bigger than imagining, black and gusty and enormous, disordered and wild with stars”. Again, if dark academia suits your fancy, The Secret History is your book.

This series. Jude and Cardan could kill me (would probably kill me) and I would apologize. This series is the exact sort of enemies to lovers I want. They Hate each other, with a capital H. There is murder, there is betrayal, I hate Taryn so much, there is just so much in this series, and it begins with a banging start. Jude and Taryn (her twin) and their older sister Vivi are all just chilling at home, watching TV and eating fish sticks (still don’t quite know what those are, I think it’s what we call fish fingers in the UK. With ketchup). Then, a giant green man walks in, kills her parents and kidnaps them all and takes them to Faerieland. Interested yet? Then Taryn and Jude have to grow up on the island among a bunch of Fae, but they’re just human mortals. Enter Prince Cardan, the youngest of the royal siblings, and the worst. Jude and Cardan Hate each other. And not in a “he said I was ugly” kind of way (the Fae can’t lie, don’t forget) but in a “this man almost drowned me and my twin because he hates me” kind of way. He is absolutely awful to her. The things he does are quite extreme. But anyhow, Jude wants to be a knight so she can have some power, things go awry and this series is wonderful. Also, don’t trust anyone. *side eyes a very SPECIFIC LYING TOAD* Have fun. Oh, and just because you should know, Cardan has a tail.

Shakespeare anyone? Then this book is not for you. Ok, just kidding. But if you are waiting for mentions of Shakespeare, look elsewhere. This book is not about that indie little playwright who we call William Shakespeare. In fact, this book is so ‘not about him’ that it doesn’t even grace him with a mention of his name. He is never referred to by name, he is always in reference to everyone else. The Tutor? The Father? Yeah, thats him. The infamous Shakespeare. So, what, then, is this book about, I hear you ask. Hamnet is a book that tells the story of Shakespeare’s son, Hamnet. Yes, the same son who gave his name to the infamous play, Hamlet. It also tells the story of the woman who is now my greatest role model, the one, the only, the incredible, Agnes. I love this woman with my whole heart. I also can’t mention this book without mentioning the writing, because it is out of this world beautiful. Shakespeare would be proud.

I think that might be it. If there are any more, clearly I don’t recommend them enough to remember them, so its okay. Well, I hope you enjoyed that, let me know if you’ve read any of these (if you haven’t, I’m not forcing you, but its implied). Thank you so much for reading, take care, and I’ll see you in the next one!

the last 10 books tag

Hello hello! Look who’s back. Surprise. Today, for the first time in forever, I’m doing a tag! Woohoo! Yes I was tagged for this in October, what about it? I’m here now and that is all that matters. Thank you so much to @Hundreds and Thousands of Books for tagging me for this!

Last Book I Bought:

I believe that is The Picture of Dorian Gray. Yeah I think it is. If I have bought a book since I need to really start thinking about a book ban πŸ˜… (We do not need to talk about the way I’m planning on buying another copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray just because it’s pretty. Shhh) I highlighted and underlined the life out of this book, and it is but a very colourful corpse now.

Last Book I Re-Read:

Hamnet! In my stricken state (I have covid. I’m also being really dramatic because I’m fine) , I have been busy rereading some books, so I’ve reread We Hunt The Flame, We Free The Stars and most recently, Hamnet. Still just as sad as before, still just as beautiful.

Last Book I Gave Up On:

I am sorry in advance. Beautiful World Where Are You. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry, I know. I will go back to it again soon, but I just couldn’t get into it. The descriptions were so much, bestie believe me I don’t need to know how this woman walked home (yes we got told which streets she turned left and right on) and how she walked home, turned the key and opened the door, when inside, changed into a sweatshirt and grey leggings, and on and on for so long. Also. I need to have a little conversation with Sally Rooney about her lack of quotation marks or speech marks depending on what you call them. Why are there none? I get that decisions where made, I just don’t really get why. If anyone knows, please explain to me because I have no idea why this is the way it is.

Last Book I Said I Read But Didn’t:

I don’t think I have ever done this, mainly because imagine you tell someone you’ve read a book and then they start talking to you about it. Now you just have to sort of nod along and hope it’s not too awkward.

Although to be honest I did do this sort of with Rebecca, I was reading it for a book club, and we had to read like 70 or 80 pages a week (which by the way is quite a lot for a book I wasn’t even enjoying until the end) and one time I didn’t end up reading all of it because I didn’t have time, so I just faked it. And it worked. *success*

Last Book I Wrote in the Margins Of:

Like I said before, my copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray lives no more. And just for the record, it was not clever annotations, I wrote stuff like *Dorian no* and *shut up henry* and that about sums up the whole entire book. So intellectual huh? Except now if anyone wants to borrow The Picture of Dorian Gray, I will have to choose whether to give them the cloth bound Penguins one or the stupidly intellectually annotated one.

Last Book I Lost:

I dont think I’ve ever lost a book before, but if I did it would be because of my poor memory, which would then also account for the fact that I can’t remember whether or not I’ve lost a book.

Last Book That I Had Signed:

I think I may have mentioned my pride and joy before, but my Waterstones special edition of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue is signed and is the prettiest book on my shelf to date. She is beauty she is grace 😭

Last Book I Had to Replace:

Ok so I haven’t replaced it yet, but I will have to replace my copy of We Free The Stars and I might have shed a tear about it. It got absolutely drenched, it was raining cats, dogs and elephants one day as I was walking sprinting home and I didn’t get home quick enough to save it. The only word left to describe its current state is crisp. It is like papyrus. It is the way I imagine the Jawarat to be. So I may have to replace it with one a little more readable.

Last Book I Argued Over:

It wasn’t so much an argument as a heated discussion over whether Nasir is better or the little boy he gives the date cake to is better. I was obviously team Nasir, since we all know Nasir is better than everyone, ever. And yeah we debated loudly calmly over which was better, coming out with the result that actually they were both great characters but character development beats all and Nasir triumphs. Obviously.

Last Book You Couldn’t Find:

Do you all lose books? Like often? So much so that there have to be two lost book prompts about the last book you lost? Because I don’t think I have lost that many books, if any at all. My library card, yes, but not a whole book. I feel like I always have the locations of the books in my mind, I can always think, I put this book here and that book there and they’re there until I pick them up and read them, and when I do they are glued to my hand or my bag at all times. No exceptions.

Um anyhow, that is all πŸ˜… Thank you all very much for reading, let me know what your answers would be to this tag. If anyone would like to try this, consider yourself tagged!

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