Assumptions About Me- A 50 follower special

Good day, bookworms! As mentioned in my previous post, I HAVE REACHED 50 FOLLOWERS! Thank you to everyone who has been here for any amount of time, I really appreciate you all. I’ve made some amazing friends, met the kindest people, and had the most fun, and that is down to everyone here πŸ’™

Last post I asked you all for assumptions about me, so that’s what we’re doing today. Roll the tape (that makes no sense, but I just love saying it so)

Saniya, my very sweet blogger friend says:

“You really like strawberry shortcake (the desserts)”

Yes! I love everything about it. Strawberries? I mean whats not to like? They’re delicious πŸ˜‹ What else is there to say? Yes.

Noelle, the talented blogger says:

“You prefer sweet over salty foods”

Am I really this transparent? Yes I do. Too much salt is just awful, but too sweet you can forgive. And also, I have a hard obsession with those sour rainbow belts, so sweet any day

The gorgeous clever Fajar says:

“You are a massive 1D and Little Mix fan”

I am not. No. Nothing against either group, I just don’t really listen to them. Although I do have to say Harry Styles is the kindest person ever, like how?

The sweet sweet Kaya says

“You enjoy the show Gilmore Girls”

Um no… I haven’t watched it before, but from what I have seen of it, I doubt it’s really something I would enjoy. Then again, that’s not to say I never will 😁😜

Thanks to everyone who took part. Now, I really just wanted to take a second to appreciate all the people who have read my posts, and have commented etc.

I’m so so excited about this, and I hope that everyone keeps on reading my posts, because it means the world to me. Stay safe everyone,

Cherry πŸ’


22 thoughts on “Assumptions About Me- A 50 follower special

  1. This is such a cute idea idea for a post. I love it!

    Oh, I like those sour rainbow belts too! I used to eat these apple/strawberry sour ropes too but I forgot what they’re called.

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