Trashy YA- You Loved Them, You Hate Them, You Still Go Back and Read Them

Hello, hello hello! Today I want to talk about trashy ya novels and series.

And by trashy I don’t mean actually bad, but more like the absolute definition of ya, and just those books you read and you loved them, and only now realize how bad it is, but it’s nostalgic in a way. Basically the ultimate “teenager who makes bad decisions and there’s always a love story somewhere” books. Leggo


Ok you know I had to. This is the absolute height of trashy ya series. You all have to admit it, there was a point in your life when you liked Twilight. It might have been years and years ago, but if you read it, maybe not became a straight up Twihard but at the very least you laughed and had a good time. If you didn’t, be open minded, go read them again, and laugh at the stupidity.


Di-freaking-vergent! Another classic πŸ‘Œ πŸ™Œ This is another one that there was a time when you dressed in all black or blue or whatever based on your faction. I used to be obsessed with this series, and I can’t really bring myself to hate on it because it was there when I needed a release and it provided that for me. So what can I say? This takes one for the team.

The Hunger Games

Hehe. Ok its not trashy per say, but it really is. It has all the basic features of crappy ya- love triangle, basic girl, and a terrible last book. (Every last book in almost every series is the worst. Change my mind) What more can I say (besides Team Gale)

The Mortal Instruments

Now I say this in the most affectionate way. Be honest with yourselves, Clary made some bad decisions. You could be the biggest Shadowhunters fan, and still have to admit it. Oh, and it’s only The Mortal Instruments. The Infernal Devices is beautiful.

Thats really it. Any others you guys can think of?

Cherry πŸ’

34 thoughts on “Trashy YA- You Loved Them, You Hate Them, You Still Go Back and Read Them

  1. I read The Hunger Games and Divergent and loved them – just not the sequels. As you said, the last books in the trilogy are trashy :). I barely made it out of Insurgent and Allegiant. I’ve never read the Mortal Instruments – must do that sometime.

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    1. Yes, its always the last books, Allegiant was a disaster, although I did like seeing Four’s point of view, and Mockingjay just didn’t feel like the hunger games anymore. You totally should, its a great series, I really liked it once you get past some of the characters πŸ˜…


  2. Lol Hunger Games and Divergent are my guilty pleasure for YA novels. πŸ˜„
    Another trashy YA book I can think of is the Selection series!

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