Superlatives of 2020|Me pretending to remember what I read in 2020 πŸ˜œ

Hey guys! Whats up? I am back, as you may have noticed, and I am doing yet another tag. I was tagged by Alex for her own original tag,which is so so exciting! Go and check out her blog, she’s amazing! I’m sorry I’m late πŸ˜”


Fill out each of the prompts with your answer. Each character/book you choose has to be one you read in 2020.

Tag as many or few people as you want, but preferably somewhere around 10.

Have fun and happy new year!!

Best Villain

Jonathan Morganstern/ Sebastian | The Mortal Instruments

Admit it. He is the absolute best villian. I liked him and hated him at the same time. I’ve gone insane. But seriously *SPOILER ALERT* when at the end he gets stabbed and all that was evil leaves him, I felt so bad for him. He grew up on those morals, and he didn’t know any different. I cried, leave me alone.

Best Main Character

Blue Sargent|The Raven Boys

I couldn’t decide between Jamie from Lost Boy and Blue, but since I’m saving my Lost Boy card I went for Blue. She’s just such a strong character, she doesn’t let any of the raven boys walk all over her, she’s just amazing.

Oh, and I also just want to mention Tessa and Will from The Infernal Devices because they are just the absolute best.

Best Side Character

Magnus Bane | The Mortal Instruments

I have to agree with Alex on this one, Magnus is the most fun, hilarious, just best side character. I really want to read The Bane Chronicles too soon.

A character that you’re glad you aren’t

Jem|The Infernal Devices

Let’s be honest, his life sucks. He is sick and he is basically waiting for death and I’ll shut up now before I ruin it for anyone. But seriously, I would hate to be him. Not to say I don’t love him.

A setting (preferably not in our world) that you wouldn’t mind settling down in

Dorfli| Heidi

This is in our world, but I seriously wouldn’t mind settling down in the Dorfli mountains. Its beautiful there, and it just seems so calm and beautiful.

A setting you would never want to live in

Divergent Chicago

I would hate to live there. So many standards, and everyone is classified into groups, there is none of the beauty that comes from everyone being together, and all that makes us difference seeping together. It’s odd too because I saw an interview with Veronica Roth who said that it was her idea of a utopia so ummm.

An indie or underhyped book that everyone would like it they just tried it

Lost Boy

Y’all know how I said I was saving this card. Well here we are. READ THIS BOOK! I will literally never stop talking about it until someone comes and tells me they read it.

Life of the Party

A book that kept you laughing and having a good time

August and Everything After

I had an amazing time with this book when I read it. Their relationship is so sweet. It is a lot more mature than I expected, but it was great. The main character (whose name i can’t remember now) was so witty and the boy she falls in love with is just a great character.

Most Unforgettable

The Infernal Devices

Truly I could not forget these books if I tried. Its just so amazing. Historical fiction set in the world of Shadowhunters, with 2 bookish characters. Describe a better book. I’ll wait.

Most Unique

A book unlike anything you’ve read before

I can’t really think of anything… hmm… I don’t know, there are so many gorgeous books I’ve read.

I nominate:
Sunny @ Sunny Side Reviews
Kaya @ A Fictional Bookworm
Jan @ The Doodle Crafter
May @ Dreamer of Books & Coffee
April Lee @ Booked Till Midnight
Cherelle @ A Bolt Out of The Book
Pavithra @ Small Talk
Claudia @ Claudia Reads Books
Caro @ CJR The Brit

And YOU! Anyone who wants to try let me know so I can look for your posts. That’s all for today, for now,
Cherry πŸ’

27 thoughts on “Superlatives of 2020|Me pretending to remember what I read in 2020 πŸ˜œ

  1. I have to admit I felt pretty bad at times for Jonathan Morganstern too! Not that I forgive him for what he did. He just deserved so much better from his parents.

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  2. I felt terrible for Jonathan Morgenstern tbh, it’s awful how children can be shaped into terrible human beings by the mistakes of their parents. ALSO. Living in Divergent Chicago would be horrible?! Thank you so much for the tag!!πŸ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem. It is, he had noone else to show him what is was to actually love and to be loved, and that made him into a pretty bad person. Yeah, doesn’t it seem horrible? I mean we would all be put into groups, and there would be noone different, noone to surprise you because everyone would be round abouts the same. I can’t tell if you agree or not πŸ˜„πŸ˜†

      Liked by 1 person

      1. IKR! And yes, I totally agree with you!! It’s a little worrying that Roth put such a horrible reality as her idea of a “utopia”. Although, thinking about it, I wonder if all the other cities were divided like that.

        Liked by 1 person

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