Random thoughts on random books I’m reading right now

Hey guys! This is my pre-school stress relief πŸ˜‚

I’m currently reading a few books at the same time, 2 of them audiobooks, and two physical books. Lets have a little chat shall we?

So I found the audiobook of this (thanks YouTube) which is really exciting because I’ve wanted to read it for a really long time, and I couldn’t find it anywhere.

There’s a lot to be said on this guy. I already knew quite a lot from interviews and documentaries, and honestly I’m not that far into the book as it is, but what the hell? He really is a phsyopath!

It’s kind of cool how everything in this book was told to Philip Carlo by Richard Ramirez himself, and how there were tapes made of it. Its a bit odd though to be looking into the mind of a serial killer, assuming everything in the book is true.

I’m only on Chapter 2 so far, but it’s pretty good πŸ‘

I’ve also seen the Netflix documentary on him too, so while I’m on the topic, I’ll talk about that too.

It was definitely interesting, and just a word to the wise you need a pretty thick skin to watch it.

I think it was really well done in the sense that they didn’t glorify him and his crimes, and he wasn’t presented as a poor boy who needs help. For example there’s also a bit in AHS about him, which really romanticize him, and it gives people a reason to support him.

One of the sickest bits about everything that happened after he was caught was the groupies. Women went in by the dozen to watch him, he got bags and bags of letters and was dubbed Death Row Romeo. I can’t believe there are people who are completely fine with everything he’s done.

So the series did a good job on not making him out to be anything other than what he really was; a psycopath who went on a murderous rampage.

Its important to mention that he really did have a terrible childhood, and he is what psychologists argue is a made psyopath, rather than a born one. Some might refer to him as a sociopath instead. The point is that he had an abusive and incredibly toxic life pre crime, which undoubtedly contributed to his interest and intrigue in murder and death. However it has to be said that its no excuse. Its part of the reason, yes, but many grow up really badly, and go on to become amazing people. He made his own choices, and these were those choices. So people who say that its ok that he did these things because of a bad childhood, its not valid.

I’m also listening to this one ^

It’s a bunch of taped conversations with Ted Bundy. Its interesting, because it’s not a confession really, but still talking about him.

Basically the author couldn’t get Ted Bundy to actually talk about his crimes, so he got him to speculate, or analyze what the killer was actually like, and what really happened, by turn then getting the story as it were, but told in the 3rd person.

I dont know if Bundy realized that he was being played, but he gave some good detail. Things only the killer himself would know. Detail about the mind and thoughts behind the murder.

Before they got into the crimes Ted and the author talked about his childhood, and I can’t tell you how much he annoyed me.

He was talking about how he didn’t get into a basketball team and how traumatic that was. Please don’t try to tell me that he took the lives of dozens of people because he didn’t get into a basketball team. It doesn’t work like that.

He was trying to make himself out to be this poor victim, a product of his environment rather than just someone who is selfish and values his own personal desires above the lives of other.

I got a physical copy of this book at the library, and it’s so interesting!

It talks about psychopathy and the dangerous tendencies of psychopaths. I’m learning so much from this book, and it does a good job at really explaining everything.

On a much brighter note, I’m also reading We Hunt The Flame, and its magnificent! I love it so much!

I’m not very far into it so far, so I don’t have much to say, but I will talk about it sometime soon.

Thats all for today folks, until next time, I bid you adieu

13 thoughts on “Random thoughts on random books I’m reading right now

  1. Is the night stalker based on a real crime? Im assuming it is. You have really intrigued me with with the Ted Bundy description. Will have to look into again now 😧
    I love looking into crime and mystery.

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    1. The Night Stalker is a book about Night Stalker Richard Ramirez, who was a serial killer in 1980s LA, its a true story. There’s a lot about him on the internet, he’s a very famous serial killer. The book is made from tapes that the author got after about 100 hours of interviews with Ramirez.
      The Ted Bundy one is definitely intriguing, its so interesting to get a true look into the mind of someone who kills, they’re so vastly different to normal, ordinary people.
      Same, I love true crime!


  2. Oh my gosh, Richard Ramirez TERRIFIES me haha! The way he was caught is so satisfying to hear about though, I won’t spoil it. I love true crime podcasts so I want to read some of these eventually! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughtsπŸ’œ

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    1. Haha ikr, he’s really scary! I already know about how he was caught, and I honestly think it was one of the best captures ever! He completely terrorized LA, and the way they caught him was so good! I’ve seen the documentary on Netflix, and a lot of interviews with him and the detectives, I mostly just started reading the book because I wanted to know about the tapes πŸ˜…Hope you enjoy them if you do read them ☺ Thanks πŸ’™

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    1. Hmm I can’t think of any true crime right now, but I do recommend Chris Carter’s books. He has a series on a character called Robert Hunter, who is a detective who works for the LAPD. I think Carter’s books are so much better than most other thrillers I’ve read, because the author used to be a criminal psychologist, and all his books have a psychological twist to them. He really builds up all the characters, and he creates such great back stories for all the killers. I also really want to read Letters To The Night Stalker, its a series of letters between the author and the Night Stalker, so maybe that might interest you β˜ΊπŸ˜„

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      1. Oooh that sounds great thank you! My personal favourite is Linwood Barclay but he writes more thrillers than actual crime-oriented books. Going to check these out!

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