We Hunt The Flame Review

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing We Hunt The Flame by Hafsah Faizal

Each little flying letter is worth one star. It doesn’t look like it because there’s 5 this time, but usually there would only be the number of stars, and then the rest slightly faded out.

I know, how surprising! I don’t usually review books, mainly because I’m really bad at it πŸ˜… I can’t seem to keep my thoughts in check, and I just go on a tangent.

However, I just finished We Hunt The Flame, and I quite literally loved it so much, it felt like it was written for me. I am just in shock over how good it was, so let’s talk about it.

To give my first review some structure, I’m going to split it into sections based on what I give a star on. So we have characters, plot, writing, world building, and whether I actually enjoyed it.


These characters were so good! Zafira is a literal queen, she’s so strong and independent, she takes care of everyone in Demenhur since she is the Hunter, bringing food to everyone who would otherwise starve. Nasir is the Prince of Death and saddest boy you will ever read of 😭 He kills everyone who has the audacity to defy his father (who by the way is the worst father in all existence). We also have Deen, Zafira’s childhood best friend who is so freaking kind! He is the one who says this iconic line that just made me wish fictional characters were real: “A thousand leagues and a thousand sands. For you, a thousand times I would defy the sun.” There is also Altair, general to the Sultan (Nasir’s father) and the funniest, most witty character ever! He’s hilarious, and just makes everything feel better. His and Nasir’s relationship is the best, they hate each other so much that they actually care about each other.

We also have to mention relationships here. This book has an amazing enemies to lovers arc ever, with guess who? That is correct. Zafira and The Prince of Death! They both hate each other with a burning passion, and yes, there is a fight scene! *chefs kiss*


I have heard so many people complain about the plot of this book, and I don’t get it. It has a classic plot of the main characters (that being Zafira and Nasir) going to find a specific thing somewhere far away, but with this book it was built upon so well. The idea is that Zafira must go to Sharr (an island beyond Arawiya(the main setting)) to find the lost Jawarat, because since the demise of the Six Sisters of Old Arawiya has had no magic. Nasir is sent out to kill her, not knowing who she is, and thinking that she is actually a man (everyone thought the Hunter was a man, not a woman) and to retrieve the Jawarat for his father.

Many many things are revealed throughout, each one making so much sense that I can’t believe I didn’t see it earlier.


I think the writing was what got me the most throughout the whole book. I haven’t read a book so beautifully written since The Book Thief, and this one was better. Hafsah Faizal has such a way with words, she knows exactly what to write and how to write it, and I am shocked that anyone can write like that. Its lyrical and heartfelt, this is the sort of writing I wish I could do.

World Building

This sort of falls into the writing as well, but the world building in We Hunt The Flame is so vivid. I could tell you exactly how Arawiya and Demenhur and Sarasin and Sharr all look like. I particularly loved how it was set in Arabia, and how it pulled and teased at everything that makes Arabia itself. All of it was written in such strong detail, and with such rigor, without making it boring and painstakingly long.

Did I Enjoy It?

More than I can tell you. There was no bit in the book where I was bored or annoyed or wanted to put it down. I had an amazing time reading We Hunt The Flame, and I am frankly really upset that I can’t read it for the first time again 😭

That was all for this review of probably my favorite book now. Its a 5 stars from me, although if I could I would give it a 6 πŸ˜„

14 thoughts on “We Hunt The Flame Review

  1. Wow! I loved you review, Cherry!!
    This book sounds so good, I’ll surely read it sometime soon. Especially when you said it has beautiful writing, I was like β€œooh, I HAVE to read this book”. Wonderful review!!

    Liked by 1 person

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