Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’d Throw In The Ocean

Hello! Yes I realize I have already posted today, but I really wanted to do this TTT because there’s many many books I would throw in the ocean.

After You

Omg this darned book. I loved Me Before You so much, and then this turned up and ruined it for me.


This one. Ugh. This book. I absolutely LOVED Martyr, its still one of my favorite books in the world, so you can imagine my excitement at reading this one. I waited not so patiently to get it from the library, and then I started reading it and immediately wanted to burn it.

Shatter Me

Ok I know. A lot of people loved this book series. I don’t know what it was about it, but I hated it. Maybe it was just me, but the writing was just not it. And Juliette being determined that every boy she met was madly in love with her.

Truly Madly Guilty

Oh when I tell you I have never hated a book as much as I hate this one! Ugh! Literally the worst book I have ever pulled myself through.


Oh this book! I’m so disappointed in it honestly. The first book? Amazing. The second? Good. This one? I want to erase from all existence.

The Song of Achilles

Ok haha not in a bad way for this book. This book I love more than any other. I cannot express my love for this masterpiece in words. But. As soon as I read you know what I wanted to throw it across the room. I want to throw it into the ocean only because that’s the only plausible reaction to reading such tragedy. That or cry for the next week. Which I did.


Gosh. This terrible abomination of a book. Why must it exist? I cannot bear it! It was just terrible really. What’s there to say besides I want to burn it?


This is another example of a last book in a trilogy that was just horrible. SPOILER ALERT: I hated that they were outside the wall, and that there were no longer factions. Frankly I just hated it. All of it.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Ok don’t hate me but I don’t really like John Green’s books. I’ve tried many of them, and they were all either dnfs or disappointments. I did however like Everyday by David Levithan, so I was hopeful. Suffice to say I was, again, disappointed.

Truly Madly Awkward

Holy crow this book is bad! I dnfed it so fast you wouldn’t believe. Its a bit like Geek Girl except without the charm or anything that made it good. It was just. Ugh.

Thats the list everyone. It was actually a lot of fun to do πŸ˜…

20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’d Throw In The Ocean

  1. Had the same response for After You, apparently they ruined the whole series instead of leaving it at that.
    Also Will Grayson, was a weird book but still cool. Not the best book ever by Green. How could you possibly like Everyday????? πŸ₯Ί
    So many unanswered questions etc and heartbreaking storyline

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    1. They did, Me Before You was amazing by itself and then they published 2 more books and neither was halfway as good. I loved Everyday! It was pretty sad, I think that’s why I liked it, I have a leaning towards sadder books πŸ˜…


      1. Will definitely take it off my list now…. i totally agree with sad books but that one frustrated me so much πŸ₯Ί
        I just wanted a better ending or an explanation and I don’t like books leaving me in that sense

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    1. Haha same, I kinda dragged myself through reading it πŸ˜… Really? I think it was the revolution that irked me, I liked the original one because of the Games themselves. Four was a collection of stories I think of Tobias before he met Tris, and then everything after they met from his pov, although the actual stories themselves I can’t remember πŸ˜…

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  2. this is such an entertaining topic i love itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ tbh, I feel like in retrospect the divergent series wasn’t very well thought through and really only rode the hype of dystopian series like the hunger games. mockingjay killed off my favorite character and I’m still salty about it lol! lovely postπŸ’œ

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    1. Haha ikr, it was so much fun making the list πŸ˜„ Apparently Veronica Roth wrote it during her spring break, so I figured she probably only wrote the next two because the first was a success, not because there was much left of the story to write πŸ˜… Right? I’m still not over them dying πŸ˜† Thank Kaya!

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  3. Lots of strong hate see towards Allegiant and Four here πŸ˜‚. I liked the last book but I never felt like reading it, and I think now I’m not gonna read it anyways πŸ˜‚.

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