The Rose and The Dagger Review -i am sorely disappointed-

Hi guys! How are you all? Today I’m reviewing The Rose and The Dagger, and when I tell you I’m disappointed 😞 I was so excited for this book, and then I barely got through it.

Little note that this is a sequel therefore there will be spoilers for the first book. Ok let’s begin with this review. I would just like to mention how I was reading We Free The Stars at the same time, which might have slightly bent my perspective on this book. Let me explain why: both books are incredibly similar. They have a small town girl as the protagonist, a girl with a fighting spirit. I like that about both. Then we have the prince/caliph as the second protagonist and love interest. We also have the pretty broken family dynamic on both ends. Both the prince/caliph have abusive parents, and they are very similar characters; quiet, strong, everyone thinks they’re murdering madmen but they’re actually pretty good people. We also have the younger sister of the main protagonists (Shazi and Zafira) both who aren’t the fighter type but are instead healers and take care of people.

I dont think it takes a genius to figure out which I preferred. I hate to criticize books, because I know how much they mean to the people who write them, but I just can’t say I liked this book, particularly while I was reading it alongside the sequel of my favorite book ever. Ok now let’s get onto the review and I’ll explain why.

This is star number one. I still love the characters so much. Khalid is still in need of a hug, Shazi is still the queen that she is, and everyone else is also the same. I hated Tariq which I guess is a good thing, and loved Rahim and Isra. It was the characters that I kept coming back for, because they really are good characters, and they had fair development.This is the second star. The plot was actually not that bad. There was enough going on, and it did continue from the last book without feeling like it was written just for the sake of it. After the end of the last book Shazi and Khalid have to find a way to break the curse, all while there is a group under The White Falcon trying to kill the king. Shazi and Khalid are separated at the beginning, and she has to find a way to first, get back to him, and second, break the curse.Ok the writing was not it for me. Maybe its just me who has a very specific style of writing that I like, something lyrical and descriptive, and this wasn’t it. There were just slight bits that I really didn’t like, but I thought I was just being dramatic, but then there was a bit talking about Jahandar’s powers, and it described them as “awesome abilities”. I can’t be the only one who cringed at that. Maybe its just because I didn’t enjoy the book much, but the pacing was awfully slow, the whole book did not have to be about 400 pages. There were so many bits where there was nothing said, it was just droning on and on for no reason. There wasn’t enough of a storyline to write a 400 page book, so it was just dragged out for so long I barely got through it. I did consider many times dnfing altogether, but I thought I might as well finish it.No, not really. The writing really got to me, and the pacing was so slow and boring. I really wanted to love it, but I just really didn’t.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who didn’t like it, because I think on Goodreads it has a 4 star average, and I feel like maybe its just me being picky 😅 Anywho, thanks for reading, the next few posts will probably be tags and awards because I have a fair few to do.

6 thoughts on “The Rose and The Dagger Review -i am sorely disappointed-

  1. Oh no!! I’m so sorry this didn’t live up to the previous book!! You made really great points, amazing review! (I cringed at “awesome abilities” and I haven’t even read the book yet) ❤

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  2. Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it! I really liked this book, but I do agree that it was slow in the beginning. The first book is definitely the best in this duology!

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