Top 5 Wednesday (Brighter Days)

I think we can all agree that things aren’t quite perfect in the world right now, so to bring a little light to everyone’s day this week’s prompt is about books that brought a smile to your face

– Alex @ The Scribe Owl

There are very few books that have made me grin while reading, but there’s a couple, so here’s a little list:

Cardan. That’s all I have to say. Jude is witty, Cardan is amazing when he’s drunk, its just a great book through and through. I even liked Locke for a little bit until you know what happened.

We all knew it. I finished this book yesterday, and the emotions! I am currently battling a book hangover because there really will never be books better than this duology. I’ll talk a bit more about it soon, but Altair and Nasir’s banter, Kifah’s “optimism” and Nasir and Zafira relationship are the few reasons I smiled at this book. I honestly couldn’t go more than a few pages without laughing out loud at something, and it was so fun.

Will and Jem! Those two are the funniest characters ever, their banter is everything throughout these books 😆

Layla is the funniest most confident character ever and I am here for it! Shes so much fun, I feel like she’d be a really great friend to have 😅

Nile. That’s it. Just Nile. He is just perfect. He’s funny and kind and snarky, and Alice gives as good as she gets 😆

So that’s that! I really need more books that make me smile, so I’d love some recs in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday (Brighter Days)

  1. Loved this list!! ❤ I check out Scott Westerfeld's books, he writes in a variety of genres so you can pick a favorite or discover a new one, his humor is perfect! The Leviathan Trilogy is probably the funniest!

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