Let’s Talk Bookish // Having A Blogger Identity Crisis

Hey heyy! Today I’m doing a Let’s Talk Bookish post, which I don’t do very often but thought would be quite fun. For the record, Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion.

Have you ever had a blogger identity crisis? 

I guess? I’ve only been blogging for a year, but at the beginning of 2021 I completely flipped my blog upside down and changed everything. I guess that counts as an identity crisis when it comes to blogging? It just didn’t feel completely right, my blog wasn’t quite how I wanted it to look, and it was all just slightly off, so I thought I would just completely start anew without scrapping all of my posts.

I think there are a lot of times when I want to do it all again and just start over, but I’m also quite proud of how I’ve got my blog looking, and I think I might branch out a bit and start doing new stuff rather than ditching everything I already have.

Has an identity crisis ever led you to significantly change the direction for your blog? 

Hehe y’all remember when my blog was called Cherry Blossom Books? I still cringe anytime I think of how I literally put up a website on the internet and called it Cherry Blossom Books 💀😅 I did completely change everything, the graphics, the name, literally everything possible. I even went back and changed a lot of the graphics of some of my older posts, and made new banners for every single post, which took a while but was very much worth it 👌

Do you think having an identity crisis every once in a while can help you become a better blogger, or is it just a sign of insecurity?

It depends on the frame of mind you’re working from, because if you’re thinking of how to improve your blog, and how to make content that you enjoy but also think others would read, and just being in the state of mind where you’re trying to go forwards with your blog, then I think it can really help you become a better blogger. However if you’re constantly doubting everything you do on your blog and keep wanting to change it, it might be a sign of insecurity around your content.

Thats my hot take on blogger identity crises, let me know what you think in the comments. Thank you all for reading, have a good day! 💙

13 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish // Having A Blogger Identity Crisis

  1. This is a really interesting discussion post! I think blogger identity crises are inevitable when there are so many wonderful book bloggers out there. It can be tempting to compare rather than focusing on what we do well and what makes our content unique. I love your blog Cherry so keep doing you! 📚❤️ X x x

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  2. I had nooooo idea this used to be Cherry Blossom Books!!! For the record, I love the current look of the blog though I have no idea what it looked like before haha! Also, yes! The mindset of the blogger matters a lot! Sometimes external factors can play a negative impact of mindset too, so it might be better to take some time off rather that revamp in instances like that. Personally, I went the revamp route and I am much happier with my blog’s look now too! 😀

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