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Hello! So, I feel like the last person on planet earth to read this book, but I’m finally doing it, and you’re coming along for the ride. So many people talked about this book on my last post, so I thought it might be fun to do a little reading blog.

Beware The Spoilers…

30/08/21 : beginning – page 145

I started this book this evening, and I’m conflicted. On one hand I really want to know who killed Simon, and I’m really invested in this whole thing. On the other hand I’m a little annoyed by it, I’m not gonna lie.

Someone explain to me why this feels like watching an American high school movie? Literally every one of these characters besides Nate is a high school stereotype with no real depth. We have the jock whose parents are pressuring to go be a successful athlete, a “geek” who wants to get into Yale, and a girl who so far has no personality except being with her boyfriend.

And Simon literally mentions this at the beginning. He literally tells them that they’re all walking high school stereotypes. And I was really excited to find out what each of their dark secrets are, but they all just ended up adding to their stereotypes?  I think the point was that the author draws attention to how they’re all stereotypes, and then she shatters those stereotypes with a huge revelation, and so far that isn’t happening.

The only character so far who has any kind of depth is Nate. If anything happens to Nate, I will be so mad, because I really like him.

Also him and Bronwyn? Adorable! Im really hoping they end up with each other because they’re so cute together, but also I don’t want them to because it would just add to this whole cliche.

So far the only reason I’m going on is because I want to know what happens to Nate and Bronwyn, and I want to know who killed Simon.

Predictions? I won’t lie, I have no clue, but I think the teacher is really suspicious. Like he might know something right? And also I think its a bit odd how there was a car crash at exactly the right time, so I think that plays into it, it might have been planned or something? Oh, and I think Simon’s only friend, I don’t remember her name, it began with a J? She has something to do with all this. Maybe.

Page 145- 153

Besties! I think Addy found a personality! Ok I’m being mean. But she’s just gone out with her sister on a bike ride, and I’m so happy for her. She seemed to rely so much on Jake, and now I think she migh start to find her own self. But even that sounds cliche, so I guess we’ve still got that going.

I think part of this might be that so many of the books I’ve been reading recently are so far away from this sort of school setting with all these basic characters that I just don’t feel that drawn to it. Like I just finished things like The Kite Runner and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, which are all so much more complex and have deeper meanings, and I just feel more drawn to them than this one.

Page 153-169

I was about to get very upset because Nate and Bronwyn had a little argument, but then SHE HUGS HIM AND SAYS SORRY IM IN SHATTERS THIS IS SO SWEET 😭😭

Page 169-191

Okay Addy bestie, get it together. Everything was going great, and now you’re going to talk to Jake? Seriously? Also where does Jake get off talking to Addy as though nothing happened? He really punched TJ and now he wants to act like everything is fine? No. And Addy literally said yes. Smh this is a disaster. But at least I’m liking Bronwyn a little better?

So far Nate is my favorite, Addy is my least favorite. Nate has some semblance of depth and actual character, everyone else is still just a walking American High School Movie character.

Page 193

Hehe I feel smart right now, Eli agrees with me about the car crash being planned. I actually hope I’m right, because if not thats embarrassing πŸ˜…

Hehe I feel called out

Oh, you know what I just remembered? I’ve read a lot of books, but possibly the funniest two lines I’ve ever read come from this book; the “I stole baby Jesus” one, and the one where Nate apologized for stealing Jesus from Bronwyn.

Page 206

Smh Addy
Aw yay Addy πŸ™Œ

Page 246

(@Janae) okay but same

Tell me why Janae is so sus? Something about her is really weird. Also I feel like the police are all doing such a bad job with all of this. Like Maeve is doing a better job finding stuff than the police are.

Page 269

Okay but he’s right though. They’ve all grown way out of their little one dimensional characters, and I am here for it the whole way! They’re all so much more different now to the beginning and I’m even liking Addy πŸ˜… Well damn then, scratch everything I said about them being walking high school stereotypes, this is great! They all have so much more depth now.

Page 275

No! What the hell NATE?! FOR ALL THATS HOLY! WHAT? Ok so he just got arrested, and I’m mad about it 😀

Page 292

Damn it Addy, now’s not the time

Page 307

Guys I was right!! The car thing, I was right about it being planned! Sam told Bronwyn that it was planned and I feel so smart! Hehe. I still don’t know who killed Simon but I have a tiny victory under my belt (im pretty sure it was really obvious).

Page 308

Hold on wait? Huh? Simon payed them to have an accident? OH WAIT! Ok this is far fetched, but I wonder if Simon somehow is still alive? Or maybe he’s dead but he orchestrated the whole thing to frame those 4 for the murder? Ok that’s really extreme, but its a thought?

Ok official predictions so far: either Simon is somehow still alive, or he planned it. We’ll see.

Page 313

GUYS I ACTUALLY THINK IM RIGHT? BECAUSE THE WHOLE NARRATOR THING? AND HE SAID IT AND THEN DRANK THE WATER? Okay I think he planned it, because he’s definitely not alive anymore.

Okay I think somehow Jake is actually behind the Tumblr page? Gosh I’m so excited, I’m almost finished with the book and I’m lokey scared!

Lmao watch me be completely wrong πŸ˜… that would be so embarrassing πŸ’€

Page 321

I was right! He planned it! Gosh but it was so obvious, why didn’t I see it earlier? Ok well I’m not mad about it, cos I was right, but still.

Page 336

Okay now that the brunt of that is over, I’m back to writing here. Sheesh that was stressful. And right when you think everything is great and happy, Nate is not for some reason? But Addy and Cooper and Bronwyn are amazing, like they’re doing the dirty work here. Everything makes so much more sense now 😌 Now all we need is for Nate and Bronwyn to get it together, and all is well. Hehe Jake got arrested. Good riddance honeslty.

Page 346

Bronwyn is an icon, and I’m here for it, but I’m also so sad right now. Like seriously, come on Nate πŸ˜’

Damn it -_-

Okay so I finished it, and that was so sweet! Although I don’t appreciate the movie of choice (Insurgent? Hm) that was really adorable.

Woah this was a ride haha πŸ˜… I’m glad I read it though, that was a really good book! I’ll definitely review it soon, so there’s that to watch for. Anyhkw, thanks for sticking around, and I’ll see you all in comments!

5 thoughts on “One Of Us Is Lying // Reading Blog

  1. I just recently finally read this one, too! I enjoyed hearing your thoughts since it was still so fresh in my mind. One thing that might help clarify the feeling you had that it was like a high school movie… the book is inspired by “The Breakfast Club” film from the ’80s about the teens who spend a Saturday in detention. And the sterotype-thing was the point of the movie. Ha!

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