// reasons i absolutely adore we hunt the flame and you should read it //

Hey everyone! I’m here again. I know. It’s been a little while since I posted, and a longer while since I properly blog hopped. I’ve just been incredibly busy recently, as per usual I wasn’t ready for all the stuff I have to do and now it’s all chasing me down. And that’s on procrastination. Anyhow, what better way to make my return than with a list of the reasons I absolutely love and will recommend We Hunt The Flame. I thought to do this when I realized that I talk a lot about this duology, but I’ve never really explained why properly. By talk a lot I mean out of the 68 posts I have written since reading it, 29 mentioned We Hunt The Flame. Also, I just finished my 15th reread of We Free The Stars (no I won’t be taking questions) and I want to talk about it. So here for your reading pleasure, are all of the reasons you should read We Hunt The Flame if you haven’t already.

// Altair //

So, uh this is a legitimate reason. Altair is still one of the funniest characters I’ve read, and I hate to say it, but Jesper move over and take notes. No, I’m just joking, there will be no Jes slander on this blog, but seriously, Altair could wipe the floor with all other characters when it comes to humour. This massive ball of sunshine and humour is literally my comedic relief and that’s that on that. He is the funniest person ever, while still having such good depth of character, which I think you mostly notice after multiple rereads of We Free The Stars (currently on my 15th time, no I don’t want to talk about it). He has such a bright and amazing character and personality, you can’t help but love him so much.

// Nasir is my favourite character and also my comfort character (which says more about me to be honest) //

I wish I was lying, but Nasir is the character I go back to rereading every time I feel vaguely upset. Maybe that explains the 15 rereads. If any of you have read the books (which I know a lot of people have, I’ve had so many people pingback and say I’ve convinced them, y’all are too nice) you’ll know that its like saying Kaz is your comfort character. Mildly concerning. Anyways, Nasir is my all time, hardcore favourite character ever without any shadow of a doubt. He is so complex and there’s so much to keep reading about. I feel like most of us have a character who we just think of so fondly and whose emotions we relate to so much more than the rest, and Nasir is that character for me. Again, says more about me to be honest. I could genuinely write a whole post just dedicated to the absolute gem that Nasir is, and just how much I appreciate Hafsah Faizal for writing him.

// The enemies to lovers //

I am a sucker for enemies to lovers anyways, but this one is elite. Again, Hafsah Faizal, go teach, we all wish we could do it like her. The SLOW BURN is my cause of death. All I have to say on this is Hafsah Faizal really took her time with these two, and I’m not mad about it.

// I keep finding new stuff out and freaking out // (spoilers on this one)

Exhibit A: Only on my most recent reread did I find out that Altair was guilty about what what happened to Nasir because he thought that he had stolen magic from Arawiya because he could do that light thing and no one else could do anything magical, and he associated light with burning, and so he thought that Nasir was being punished for every time he practiced. Exhibit B: I only now found out the LION HAS CLAWS?! I’m sorry, how did I miss that? For anyone else who missed that, its the bit before the, well, ending, where he’s talking to Zafira and grips her chin and she realizes he has claws ( page 527, she thinks “Claws. Sweet snow below.”)

// The Lion is the best villain ever written. I will die on this very same hill //

First of all, how is it that I feel bad for him? Genuinely, Justice for Haider. I literally felt so bad about his whole life, and the fact that he likes to read just makes me like him even more. Like his reaction to The Great Library is me. Now, let’s talk about how complex this whole thing is. I feel kind of bad for him, but also I hate him because how could he do that to Nasir? Like Nasir takes precedent over every other character in that whole duology, so obviously I hate the Lion for that so much, but still. And when he’s with Aya and Zafira he’s actually so damn nice and convincing. But I still don’t forgive him for everything he did to Nasir so I guess this is a debate we won’t settle today. However, the one thing I can say with full confidence is that the Lion is the best villain ever. Of all time.

// The writing is stunning //

It is! Hafsah Faizal is insanely talented, and she deserves so much more recognition for every word she wrote in that book. She was the one who wrote ” There were moments before moments, in which the world was framed in startling clarity, a defined before hurtling toward a horrible after. Moments in which the powerful were powerless, in which promises became failings.” and I think we need to recognize that. Hafsah Faizal is the mastermind behind lines like “Wars could wage and swords could cut and arrows could pierce. None of them compared to the pain of a well-poised word.” and I personally think this is something we should talk about. She is just an absolute genius and talent and these two books are the product of that. She created some of the most stunning characters and we are all sleeping on it like it never happened.

// Hafsah Faizal has another book coming out in a year, and you wouldn’t want to miss it just because you haven’t read We Hunt The Flame //

If you have been obsessively stalking Hafsah Faizal’s twitter like I have, which I doubt but maybe you have, you would know she has a book coming out autumn of 2022, which is too far away for me but that’s not the point. It’s called A Tempest of Tea and I have been collecting the meagre quotes she’s handed to us as we beg for more. It has POC vampires and that should be reason enough for you to want to read it and also obsessively stalk her twitter alongside me. Basically just put this book on every list you have and wait for it to come to us. I, for one, will be part of the battle for an ARC.

// It’s one of those books I can keep rereading and it reminds me why I read //

Every single message in this book is one I want to keep reading over and over. I could read this book a million times and never tire of it because its the very definition of finding yourself in a book. I know there might be a lot of snobbery of books like this one, but then again, let people read the books they want to you know? If someone finds themselves better in a book like the galaxy that We Hunt The Flame is than in a book like Rebecca or Pride and Prejudice then it’s all just one big reminder that we read for ourselves.

So, what have we learned today? I may now be forced to change my blog name to We Hunt The Flame Clubhouse, there’s no reason for you not to read it, and I may or may not be genuinely considering another reread. Hope you enjoyed this post, and for the love of all that is holy, read this book 🥺 Now, I will leave you here with these quotes and think about the choices you need to make. Make the right one. Read this book.

Love is for children, said the girl.

Death is for fools, said the shadow.

Darkness is my destiny, said the boy.

Allegiance is my undoing, said the eagle.

Suffering is our fate, said the beauty.

And they were all horribly wrong.

…and he laughed a laugh she loved more than the warmest of fires on the coldest of nights.

… he knew of a person who would take her to ends of the world, if only she would ask. He would take the stars from the sky and fashion them into a crown, if only she would have it

For you a thousand times. A thousand leagues and a thousand sands. For you a thousand times I would defy the sun

The moon likes you. See how she shines for you.

All right is when you’re bleeding black but it’s not as bad as bleeding red. When the world crashes but you’re not alone when it does. When the darkness is absolute but you hunt down the smallest flame and coax it brighter. When you carve the good out of every bad and claim it a victory.

He didn’t live. He existed. And no one understood the difference between the two until they ceased to live.

There was nothing more respectable and dangerous than a woman of confidence.

Knowledge without action is vanity, but action without knowledge is insanity.

There once was a boy with a future.

Until all he had left was his past.

This was pain worse than a sword. This was forgetting and then remembering everything afresh, the curse of memories.

He was a mess of scars like the sky was a mess of stars. (…) For that was what scars were, weren’t they? A remembrance of moments dark.

…in this moment, we are two souls, marooned beneath the moon, hungry and alone, adrift in the current of what we do not understand. We hunt the flame, the light in the darkness, the good this world deserves… You remind me that hope is not lost

He knew the weight of anguish that could drown a city in sand. He knew that look, that feeling. To watch a loved one suffer. To know one could have done so much but can now do nothing at all. It was the feeling that made him stop feeling.

16 thoughts on “// reasons i absolutely adore we hunt the flame and you should read it //

  1. YESS You won’t believe how fast I clicked on your post on seeing the title 😅 (as if I need yet more reasons to love this duology) as I know you always have the best things to say about the duology!!
    The first reason KILLED me, oh my gosh I am so glad you think like me; Altair would definitely top my list of favourite things about We Hunt The Flame too
    The writing style?! One of the other best things about the book. And those quotes, I can’t even — THEY JUST MAKE ME WANT TO GO TO A CORNER AND SOB MY EYES OUT
    Ahem sorry for the outburst I am (not) fine now. One last thing before wordpress bans me from ever commenting on anyone’s post ever again – that We Hunt The Flame Clubhouse? DO IT. I may or may not become the vice president.
    Sooo I think I’ve said everything, I’ll go and give whtf a reread now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eek thank you!! Haha I definitely always have things to say about this duology! Altair literally gives me life, I’ve never laughed so hard at a book character before 😂 Those quotes just run in a circle in my head permanently and I may or may not have shed a tear or two when I finished reading and came to write this post 😅 Hehe, I felt that, I’m definitely, totally okay after rereading the book for the millionth time!

      Liked by 1 person

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