books to read in autumn while you sip on coffee and light candles (dark academia anyone?)

Hello! I’m the classified worst, I know, its been another little period since my last post. I’m sorry! Here’s to me thinking I have a schedule in line, and then failing miserably at it πŸ˜…

Anyways, it’s autumn! To be fair it’s been October for 18 days, so I’m a little late, but hey, guess its on brand. So, I wanted to make you all a little list of books you should really read this autumn. This isn’t a request. You must read these. I’m sure you’ve seen a few of these on other lists, but maybe that’s a sign that you should read it hm?

// If We Were Villains //

This book is about a group of students studying acting and in a way Shakespeare. It seems that they always play the same roles on and off stage, until the roles change and result in a murder. Now, murder may not be what you planned for an autumn night (I hope), but rest assured that this book will become a very quick favourite. The use of quotes from Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets are absolutely stunning, and the ending still has me reeling. I decided recently to reread it because I had fallen a little out of love with reading, and it brought be right back. The characters (sans Richard) are all amazing people and I honestly think Oliver deserved better.

// The Secret History //

We all know how I feel about this book, and although I have some hard feelings towards it, I can’t deny that it has some killer autumn night vibes. The characters are such an incredible cast of flawed people, and the writing is absolutely stunning. The Secret History actually has one of my all time favorite lines ever, which is:

And the nights, bigger than imagining, black and gusty and enormous, disordered and wild with stars

For someone who dissects books quite so much, you wouldn’t think this would be my favorite line of all books, but its just absolutely stunning and it reminded me why it is that I read

// Little Women //

For the people who would like something a little less dark and dreary than Shakespeare and murder, I present Little Women. I think I’ve recommended this book before, but its a brilliantly wholesome and sweet novel, and it just makes me feel so good every time I read it.

// A Pocketful Of Crows //

Sing a song of sixpence, a pocketful of crows. I read this book last autumn and it is incredibly peculiar. Like I loved it, but also I never talk about it and I just never think about the fact that I’ve read it. Its not like I don’t see it everyday, it sitting on my shelf at the very front, but I just don’t think much about it.

Thats not to say its not a good book. It really is so good. If I remember correctly its about a girl who can change into animals, but she falls in love with this prince who I hate and she stays human for him for a while but he’s a prick and I don’t want to spoil the rest. The drawings are stunning too!

Exhibit A

// Pride and Prejudice //

It genuinely feels really weird to recommend one of, if not the most famous book in the world. Still though, if you haven’t read it, consider doing so. Darcy is all I have to say.

// Lost Boy //

Aha! You thought I would stop talking about this book? Hehe not a chance! This is still one of the coolest and best retelling I’ve ever read and if you still haven’t read it we need to have a conversation. Who doesn’t like Peter Pan? Well me now, but thats not the point. Peter Pan is honestly brilliant and thats a hill I will live and die on.

From My TBR:

// Hamnet //

I present to you a recommendation that I have not read yet smh 🀦 I am hoping to start Hamnet today or tomorrow, so hopefully I can come back and clarify whether this is a good recommendation or not, but for now I wanted to mention it as being a favourite of many. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that I absolutely love Shakespeare, and a book about his son who inspired the play Hamlet is exactly what I need right now. Also, yes my cover has that green booker prize sticker that doesn’t come off. Yes I’m upset. No I would not like to talk about it. I’m just grateful it doesn’t have the BBC one too.

// Ace Of Spades //

I cannot go onto any book social media without seeing this book, which might be a me problem. Yeah its definitely a me problem. But anyhow, I read the first few pages and I already really like Devon (is that how you spell it?) so this is a future hopeful.

// The Atlas Six //

Another book I’ve read the first few pages of, and when I tell you I wish so desperately that I had the time to read this book! I am so excited for the day to come when I can get a copy of this book and just enjoy it because it looks so good! Also let’s just appreciate the cover for a second. Stunning.

I hope you all enjoyed this list and maybe it sparked a book you want to read 😊 I’m really sorry about my on and off schedule, I’m trying really hard to keep posts coming. Thank you all for reading and have a beautiful day!


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