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Hello! Welcome to yet another disaster of a post! Today I’m doing the In or Out Book Tag! This seems really fun, and instead of chattering endlessly, I should just get on with it. I saw this tag on Aimee’s blog over @ Aimee’s Ramblings.

// Reading the last page first //

I have, unfortunately, done this before, and it’s never ended well. I know some people can’t help it, and that used to be me, but I don’t do it anymore. Sometimes though, I try to check how many pages are left, or how many there are in a book, and am always left annoyed at my own foolishness. Hence:

Verdict: OUT!!

// Enemies to lovers //

Absolutely, most definitely, 100%, all the time. It’s the best trope ever, and that is all I will say. I just want to read every single enemies to lovers books out there, because it is so exciting! The slow burn, the hatred, if we’re lucky then knife against the throat, it’s just the best reading experience ever.

Verdict: IN!!

// Dream sequences //

I have a deep rooted hatred for dream sequences in books, particularly after Ronan from The Raven Cycle, who has to be one of my least favourite book characters ever (unpopular opinion anyone?), and I just think they’re really cliche, so this one is definitely not staying here.

Verdict: OUT!!

// Love triangles //

There is all of one book series that I have enjoyed a love triangle in, and that is The Infernal Devices. Besides that trilogy, all other love triangles are absolutely not for me. Peeta, Gale and Katniss? Annoyed the living daylights out of me, because we all know who the right choice is, and it’s not Gale. I’m sorry. Bella, Edward and Jacob? A more terrible triangle I have never seen and the right answer is most certainly not Edward. I’m not even sorry about this one, that man is so toxic. Alina, Mal and the Darkling? Hell if I know, I think neither. The point is, they’re not my thing.

Verdict: OUT!!

// Cracked spines //

You could ask this question of a lot of people, but I am not one of them. I spent a near hour carefully folding the pages of my book so that the spine is a little looser and wouldn’t crack. This should tell you my answer.

Verdict: OUT!!

// Back to my small town //

I have no real emotions on this one. It could work but I also don’t get too excited about it. I think overall its not my favourite but I don’t despise it either


// Monsters are regular people //

How do you mean? Maybe I’m not very well versed in this trope. Ok so I looked it up and I actually don’t mind it too much. I see that a lot of people are tired of it, but I guess I don’t hate it that much


Oh by the way, this might be unrelated but authors, stop making your characters snarl and growl unless they’re literally dogs. Particularly if it’s first person. There are exceptions of course, because I refuse to slander some specific authors, but if the book is in first person and a character says “I snarled viciously” or some such variation of that phrase, I will lose it. I only wanted to say this because I was mindlessly taking books of my shelf and flicking through them, and I read that quote in Breaking Dawn and now I’ve lost hope in humanity.

// No paragraph breaks //

Bestie no. Maybe its my fault, me and my short attention span, but I just end up skimming everything. I think its supposed to add something to the book, but I won’t be getting anything out of it if I just skim the whole thing.

Verdict: OUT!

// Multigenerational sagas //

I’m guessing this means like books with interesting family dynamics, so yeah I guess this is good. My mind immediately went to A Woman Is No Man, and I will never say no to anything about that book, so absolutely yes.

Verdict: IN!

// Re-reading //

When I first started blogging I found out that not a lot of people actually reread books over and over again. Now to my mind, who convinced me to read the same book over and over again for 9 months, that was surprising. I reread books all the time. I keep rereading books when I should probably be reading new books. I blame this on being a mood reader, because I know which books fit with which of my moods and emotions, so I just read those.

Verdict: IN!

// Artificial intelligence //

Yeah no, I’m sorry. I really don’t like sci-fi, so AI is not exactly my cup of tea.

Verdict: OUT.

// Drop caps //

I’m assuming this means those big letters at the beginning of chapters, and not Penguin’s Drop Cap books. This is a yes all day everyday. They’re the absolute prettiest! I’m reading Hamnet right now (no I’m not okay) and the drop caps are literally so pretty

Verdict: IN!

// Happy endings //

Yeah sure why not? I personally prefer gut wrenching sob-at-3-am kind of books, but sometimes a happy ending just makes me feel so cosy and warm 😊


// Plot points that only converged at the end //

I love these! It means that I’m still interested all the way to the end of the book and it just makes for a really interesting dynamic. I like to keep questioning everything all the way until the end, so this one is definitely in for me.

Verdict: IN!!

// Detailed magic system //

Absolutely one hundred percent yes! I know a lot of people have issues with complicated magic systems and how detailed and all over the place they are. I though, really love long complex magic systems, because the world feels so much bigger and more real. Although to be fair it did take me all of book 1 of Shadow and Bone to understand all of the Grisha orders.

Verdict: IN!

// Classic fantasy races //

I have no strong emotions on this one. Yes but also no.


// Unreliable narrators //

Yes! These are so much fun, and although I can’t think pf many that I’ve read, I love unreliable narrators!

Verdict: IN!

// Evil protagonists //

Hehe yes! I would love to write one of these one day too. It would be so much fun to have a character that everyone can’t help loving and then they turn out to be evil!

Verdict: IN!

// The chosen one //

No more. I’ve had it. Yes this is a direct attack on Harry Potter, but I’m done with these. Just stop it. Authors. Please. No more.


// When the protagonist dies //

Like I said, I love it when books make me sad, and this is a form of that. If I love the protagonist and they die, I will cry my eyes out and it will forever be immortalized as a book that was much loved.

Verdict: IN!

// Really long chapters //

My interest as the chapter goes on goes down, so I much prefer shorter chapters. Although in some books I have liked or at least not minded the long chapters, as a rule I always feel more awake with shorter sentences.

Verdict: OUT!

// French flaps //

Yes! Amazing, brilliant, fantastic, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous. I love French flaps! They feel really good, and they’re just one of man’s greatest creations.

Verdict: IN!

// Deckled edges //

Ok y’all, deckled edges get so much hate and I don’t get why. They personally make me feel a little surge of happiness whenever I see them, and I think they deserve more love. Justice for deckled edges!

Verdict: IN!

// Signed copies by the author //

Ok. Question. Have any of you seen the Waterstones exclusive edition of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue? Because I recently got it, and it’s signed! I just wanted to make the point that it’s actually the prettiest edition of any book I own. I do also have An Emotion of Great Delight which is signed, but that’s it. That said, I didn’t get either of these books because they’re signed. I got Addie LaRue because it was stunning, and I got AEOGD because the signed one cost the same as the normal one. I can see why it’s exciting to have books signed by authors, but believe me there’s no point spending more money just for a signed book. Still, it’s certainly exciting :]

Verdict: IN!!

// Dog-earing pages //

We’ve talked about this. If you dog-ear your pages, you are crazy. Ok, I’m just kidding, but really, don’t do this. Either get a bookmark or a piece of paper, or use your memory like I do. I can’t remember the last time I used a bookmark, because I just sort of remember where I was. I don’t know how, because I never actually pay attention to the page number I’m on, but I have an uncanny feel about where I am in a book and it only takes a few seconds to find my page. The point is, I get that the book belongs to you, but it genuinely kills me to see anyone fold the page. One time I lent someone my book and they dog-eared it. I’m still not over it.

Verdict: OUT!!!

// Chapter titles instead of numbers //

I love this! I always get so excited any time I see chapter titles instead of numbers in books. I don’t really know why, but it just makes the book feel a lot better. Just the vibes I guess.

Verdict: IN!!

And there you have it! My opinion on things you don’t need my opinion on. Let me know whether you agree or disagree, but know I am steadfast in my opinions. Just kidding, let’s chat! Have a good day everyone!

21 thoughts on “In or Out Book Tag

  1. Love triangles are totally not for me either. BUT… I really enjoyed the one in ‘The Inheritance Games’. Yeah, my brain outright short-circuited trying to choose between the boys in that book.πŸ˜‚β€

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  2. Same, the only love triangle I’ve ever liked was that in the Infernal Devices!!
    Ooh if you like plot points that converge towards the end of a book, I’d recommend The Girl Who Drank The Moon – it is a whimsical witchy story!
    Loved the post as always cherry πŸ’™βœ¨

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I absolutely love detailed magic systems so much too! Like the amount of time the authors must have invested in creating them, i cannot even imagine. ahaha, i am guilty for reading the end pages of books before I actually reach them too, though i try not to. But my tries don’t work, sadly ☹
    Loved reading your post Cherry!

    Liked by 1 person

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