february wrap up // what was that bestie?!

Hey all! I’m so glad this month is over because that was just something else. Maybe it was just me, but this was such a bad month πŸ˜… I got covid at the beginning of the month, and then broke my finger playing handball, not to mention the massive book slump I’m in right now. Ugh. Oh well, hopefully March treats us all better because I for one need it. But, let’s wrap this up shall we?

Books read

Heartstopper Series

Guysss. This is so cute oml. 5 stars for all of the books, this was the best thing thats ever happened to me. Nick and Charlie are the sweetest, and maybe I just read too many enemies to lovers but its been a while since I’ve seen such a healthy relationship in a book πŸ˜… I have nothing more to say besides Paris Gang supremacy.


Absolutely yes. Just yes. Read this if you haven’t, reread it if you have because this book is so good! Maybe I’m just easy to please, but this was so good!

And um, thats all. I don’t know yall, I’m in the worst book slump and nothing I read makes me want to carry on. I’ve picked up so many books, and I’ve just put them all back down again, and I dont really know why. I’m thinking of rereading Illuminae because it is quite quick and its not as intimidating as a novel because it’s quite fun. So yeah, thats the plan. Or maybe I’ll read The Maidens, just because.

March Hopefuls

  • The Maidens
  • All My Puny Sorrows
  • Edgar Allan Poe Short Story Collection
  • These Violent Delights
  • Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass
  • Furyborn

Other Things and Stuff


I watched this movie this month, and while I did enjoy it mostly, I think there were some things that I just didn’t really like. Overall I think this is a 3 out of 5 stars, and although I did intend to read the book, I don’t think I will anymore.

The Dead Poets Society Podcast

The podcast is still thriving, in fact I think there was an episode released a few days ago which is very exciting and I am looking forward to.

In other news, I hit 200 followers! I am so thankful to everyone, and I will be doing a special post for that, which will be part q and a. So, if you have any questions, or anything you want to know about me, let me know in the comments!

Thats really all folks, there’s not much else to say. February was a month best left in the past, and that it is my conclusion. Thank you all so much for reading, and have a beautiful month!

15 thoughts on “february wrap up // what was that bestie?!

  1. HEARTSTOPPER YESS!! I’ve been seeing so much love for it around here and now I’m in desperate need for a reread 😭😭
    Hope you have a fantastic March!!πŸ’–

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