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Hello! I’ve been in such a bad reading slump, and its time to change that. So, I’m going to be reading The Maidens, a book that I’ve been meaning to get around to for the longest time, and one that I am very excited about because dark academia books make me very happy. For the record, there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t read this book, read at your own risk… ok let’s go!

Chapter 6

This is a completely wild guess, but does Henry have something to do with the girl who got stabbed? Because I’m fairly sure Mariana is going to now go off to Cambridge and she’s going to get caught up in the mystery, but the fact that they mentioned Henry in so much detail means he probably has something to do with the plot. Right? Because if he was just a side character who was there to start the book off, there wouldn’t have been a backstory right? I don’t know honestly, right now,  head empty, no thoughts just vibes.

Chapter 9

I really don’t like people talking to me if I don’t know them (and even sometimes if I do know them 😹😭) but Fred seems really nice, I wouldn’t mind having a conversation with him. Also the level of confidence you have to have to be able to just start talking to someone you don’t know? How? Maybe I’m just very introverted but thats a little crazy to me. πŸ˜… Anyways, Fred is now entering the database as a good character, and if it turns out he’s somehow involved in this murder I will raise hell. But anyhow, I love this so much so far, I can already feel my book slump slowly drifting away. This is wonderful, thank you Alex Michaelides.

Chapter 17

I feel like Mr Michaelides is trying very hard to make me suspect Edward Fosca, and now I feel like I’m gonna be so pissed either way, cos if it’s him then it was way too obvious, and if it’s not then it was also very obvious that it isn’t. I don’t know who, but either way this is very annoying in a good way.

Chapter 20

I’m so excited to meet the Maidens because they literally seem like a vibe. Like everyone is getting pressed about them, but they’re just vibing making their little secret society. I really hope this doesn’t come back to bite me in the backside once I actually do meet them, but so far they just seem like a group of girls hanging out and doing secret society stuff πŸ˜… A bit like Dead Poets Society maybe but more eary? I don’t know. I really hate Edward Fosca though, something about him feels off. And I still haven’t forgotten Henry. Something is up with this man and I intend to find out what, and if he isn’t even a part of the rest of the book I will be so unsatisfied.

Chapter 1

Y’all I’m telling you Henry has something to do with this, it mentioned how he remembered his father and at the beginning it also talks about his abusive father. If he’s not involved I will be so shocked because the hints are there.

Chapter 12

I hate The Maidens. maybe that’s the point but they’re just kind of annoying. They’re all stuck up and the two that Mariana talked to were just a bit eh.

Chapter 16

I am CONVINCED that Henry has something to do with this. Also, if you’re reading this then I was right because my insistence is going to be so embarrassing if I’m wrong that I would have just taken this out πŸ˜…

Chapter 2

Ok wait. What about Fred? It might be him. Hear me out, they’re all always talking about how the killer seemed to just vanish after murdering someone. And then at the end, when Fred leaves, it says “Funny that- he seemed to have disappeared”! Coincidence? Still not over Henry either, can he actually stop with this “i can see you thing?”

Chapter 17

I might have to delete this whole post, because I really just came for Henry this whole time and it wasn’t even him πŸ’€ I’m so confused now. The only other person I can’t think of is Fred. This guy is acting a little suspicious I can’t lie. I’m determined that it’s Edward Fosca, because that would be so obvious that it would just be annoying.

Chapter 8


Bloody hell. Wow. So um. Heh. This is a formal apology to Henry because I really just came for him this whole time. Also sorry to Fred the literal saint, he seriously deserved better than my accusing him. Fred did no wrong, and I hope he asks Mariana to marry him and she says yes. I am sorry for him and to him.

As for what I thought of this book, well, that was brilliant. I’ve been in a long book slump, and this book cured all, so I appreciate that. But also this was incredibly written and so so engaging. This was prime dark academia and I’m honestly so glad I read it (finally lol). I would highly recommend, and this definitely gets a 5 star rating from me. I will be writing up a review for this so check that out when it comes out. Thank you for reading this little reading blog, this has been very fun, have a good day!

10 thoughts on “reading the maidens to get myself out of a book slump // reading blog

  1. THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO READ!!! fred is literally the sweetest soul and honestly i suspected henry for way too long tooπŸ’€ i wish i could talk about the reveal itself because i have such mixed feelings about it but still i’m glad you enjoyed this one!!

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